What Do Grits Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Do Grits Taste Like?

Grits typically have a mild and plain taste. To improve this flavor, most of its eaters add a dash of butter, cheese, or even cream. A fully cooked meal of grits is filling yet light and serves as an excellent side dish and base dish. 

This is a detailed guide to what Grits exactly taste like.

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What Are Grits?

Originally from the Southern states of the United States, Grits are porridge made from ground and boiled corn.

This special variety of corn is referred to as dent corn and is a starchier and less sweet version of regular corn. 

Grits are the official state food of South Carolina and are often served with shrimp to derive a delicious meal.

Cooked grits are also called hominy in many states.

What Do Grits Taste Like?

Grits have a mild and light taste and are often called flavorless due to their processed, pre-cooked plain flavor. However, this flavor is immensely improved once butter, cheese, cream, or any additional ingredient of your choice is added.

Grits have a very adaptive taste, and their flavor can be changed and customized according to your choice and made into a sweet or savory porridge meal.

It is also served with crispy bacon and eggs as breakfast or with sautéed mushrooms as lunch.

Know how you can make Grits from scratch –

What Is The Texture Of Grits Like?

Grits generally have a smooth and creamy texture that quite literally melts in your mouth. It is the kind that can be enjoyed by people of every age group, from toddlers to the elderly, without any difficulties. 

Instant grits have the silkiest texture, while stone-ground grits may have a slightly granular texture as the whole corn is ground.

How Are Grits Different From Oats?

Yes, Grits and Oats are byproducts of widely different grains. Grits are made from ground, processed, and boiled dent corns, while Oats are hulled and boiled as whole oat grains.

Although both grits and oats can be served as sweet or savory meals, they differ in taste and texture.

Grits have a smoother texture, while oatmeal can be chewy at times.

Can You Eat Grits Raw?

It is entirely safe to consume raw grits, but the raw cornmeal is usually very coarse. It is recommended to consume cooked grits. It is also safe to consume instant grits as they are pre-cooked and processed.

It is best to consume cooked grits as their raw form can cause digestive issues for some.

Are Grits Tastier Than Oats?

Both grits and oatmeal are widely consumed whole grains that can be made into sweet and savory meals. Their taste can be described as mild and adaptable. 

They provide you with nearly the same calories, but oats have more protein and fiber than grits. Grits, however, are a great source of antioxidants, while oats can be too sweet.

Do Grits Taste Gritty?

Correctly cooked Grits should not be gritty or grainy. Grits that have been cooked for the appropriate amount of time should be smooth, creamy, and should easily melt in your mouth. The grits meal should also not be sandy or too watery.

Undercooked grits can be coarse and lumpy, while overcooked grits may become too aqueous and unpleasant.

Why Do Grits Taste Bitter?

Grits that have not been cooked correctly can taste bitter and unpleasant. Adding small amounts of water to the mix and constant stirring till you get the desired consistency is the key to preparing the perfect bowl of grits.

Undercooked grits can be lumpy, and lack of water can lead to the grits being too coarse and bitter to consume.

Are Grits an Acquired Taste?

Grits, for most new consumers, are considered an acquired taste. They have managed to become one of America’s staple side dishes over time. Cooked grits have a pretty bland and plain taste and hence are not favored by most. 

However, once you have the hang of grits, it is capable of adapting to your favorite flavors, cheesy or sweet.

Do Grits Taste Like Mashed Potatoes?

The texture of grits can very well be compared to that of mashed potatoes. The taste of salty and buttery grit is also close to the creamy yet light taste of mashed potatoes. 

Grits are adaptable and can be mixed with worthy amounts of butter, cheese, garlic, and herbs of choice to replicate the exact taste of mashed potatoes.

What Tastes Best With Grits?

The classic grits with butter and salt are always the best pair. Shrimps and grit are an unusual yet much-loved combination in several parts of the states. 

Baked cheese grits, shredded barbeque chicken over grits, Southern grit pastry puff, sausage and eggs over cheesy grits, BBQ chicken grits bites are some of the most delicious grits combinations to try next time.

Here is how the southern favorite Grits and shrimp are prepared!  

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