What Do Sugar Plums Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Do Sugar Plums Taste Like? 

Sugar Plums have an intense and rich sweet flavor that develops to be sweeter as they ripen. They taste like a bite of any other sweet fruit. They are small oblong-shaped fruits with a red-purple cover with a pit within the candied flesh.

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What Are Sugar Plums?

Sugar Plums belong to the genus Prunus, native to Italian plums.

They have derived their name from their sweet and plum-like flesh which is rich in calcium, potassium, phosphate, and vitamins A and B.

The pigmented cover is also a source of fiber and beneficial antioxidants.

Here is how you can identify Sugar Plums.  

What Do Sugar Plums Taste Like?

Sugar Plums have a candied sugary sweet taste. They have a complex flavor that only increases as they ripen. Sugar Plums are an efficient addition to any recipe that needs a sweet but not too sweet element to them. 

Sugar Plums can be eaten raw in sweet salads or be made into jams and pies. Processed sugar plums are also used in beverages like wine and brandy to add to their bitter-sweetness.

These bite-sized fruits also go well with savory food items like meat like lamb and bacon, herbs, and seafood like shrimp and scallops.  

They are most commercially grown in Europe, America, and Japan and are seen featuring in all of their respective cuisines.

What Is The Texture Of Sugar Plums?

Sugar Plums have a texture similar to grapes but softer. They are firm skin that can be easily bitten into to taste a tough jelly-like flesh. Unripe Sugar Plums have a green inner hue and grow to be sweeter when ripe and into a red-brown hue. 

Cooked sugar plums are seemingly sweeter as heat helps them be softer and more delightful than they are. 

Is Sugar Plum a Real Fruit?

Sugar Plums indeed are small oblong fruits but do not have many similarities with plums which usually are bigger. Sugar Plums belong to the same family as peaches, almonds, and cherries.  

Sugar Plum, the fruit is not to be confused with the Christmas treat which is made by mixing crushed nuts and dry fruits, molded into a ball, and, coated with a layer of sugar to form a dessert.

Here are the different types of Plum!  

Do Sugar Plums Taste Good?

Sugar Plums are a great natural dessert with sweet flesh to munch into. They taste good both as a fruit and in jams and salads adding their distinct sweetness to anything it is added to. 

Experienced food bloggers believe that though sweet plums taste delicious when eaten as a fruit, cooked or baked sweet plums release some more of their essence with more moist juices and softer contents.

Are Sugar Plums and Raisins Same?

Sugar Plums and Raisins may look alike but are two entirely different things. Sugar Plums are similar to dates with a sweet fleshy interior and somewhat firm skin and have a single seed within. Raisins on the other hand are dried grapes. They both acquire similar red-brown skin when ripe.

Both Sugar Plums and Raisins are sweet and get more depth in their flavor when they are ripe but raisins are much smaller compared to the former.

Can You Eat The Skin of Sugar Plums?

The skin of Sugar Plums is completely edible and safe too. The firm skin is a reliable source of fiber and antioxidants and can easily be bitten off in one bite. The color of the skin changes from pale green to a red-purple when the fruit ripens. 

When cooking or baking Sweet Plum, the skin comes off when in contact with heat and can easily be picked out of your pie by hand to avoid its presence in your smooth dessert.

What Does Sugar Plum Pie Taste Like?

Sugar Plum Pie is a mouthwatering dessert with the sweetness from the fruit and perfect crunch from the pie crust.

The Sugar Plums are boiled in water till they are soft and their skin removed before adding a drizzle of honey and vanilla extract.

The honeyed Sugar Plums are cut into pieces and topped with their essence before covering with a pastry sheet.

This dessert is the most desired combination of tender and crunchy.

What Is The Difference Between a Plum and a Sugar Plum?

The only difference between a Plum and a Sugar Plum is that a regular plum is larger in appearance than a sugar plum. Both have a single big pit inside protected by munchy and juicy flesh which is further covered by a firm yet tender skin. 

There is not much significant difference between the two as both are from the same species of fruit.

Both are naturally sweet and make great additions to salads or dessert pies.

What Do Sugar Plums Smell like?

Sugar Plums have a very subtle sweet aroma with a touch of cinnamon fragrance. Fully ripe Sugar Plums have this aroma but are not very noticeable unless you sniff them. However, once boiled or baked they emit a distinct floral sprint aroma.

The smell of Sweet Plums is not strong as other fruits like mangoes or berries but they do stand out once incorporated in a pie or jam and have a honeyed aftertaste.

Can Sugar Plums Be Eaten Raw?

Sugar Plums are completely safe for raw consumption as the fruit is rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Their natural sweetness and floral aroma make them the perfect healthy and munchy snacks.

Sugar Plums are also preferred steamed or baked as they release more of their sweet juices when heated. They serve many purposes in salads, and jams once the pit is excluded.

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