What Does Asiago Cheese Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Asiago Cheese Taste Like?

Asiago cheese has a mild sweet taste and is more creamy than the parmesan cheese counterpart. However, the flavor ranges from sweet to bitter, and bacteria while producing the cheese matter. It is even more flavorful when it is seasoned or grated over dishes. 

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What is Asiago Cheese?

Asiago cheese is a creamy, unpasteurized, hard Italian cheese made by cooking cheese curds from whole cow’s milk.

It has different textures depending on its aging process, from soft to hard, increasing the bitterness levels. 

A fresh asiago cheese resembles the consistency of a soft and sweet sponge cake with sour undercurrents.

So, having a color pattern ranging from pale yellow to amber, asiago has a spongy composition with numerous holes or eyes. 

There are two varieties of asiago cheese: Pressed Asiago (Asiago Pressato in Italian). The second type is Asiago d'Allevo which has types depending upon maturity.  

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What Does Asiago Cheese Taste Like?

Like all the different cheese varieties, fresh Asiago cheese has a creamy sweet taste. However, if you have tasted parmesan cheese, you will better understand the taste. Also, it has a robust nutty flavor depending upon the age and bacteria used in its synthesis.

Moreover, it has a rich and sharp flavor, giving the cheese a tasty punch while grating or sprinkling in pasta, soups, salads, pizzas, risottos, and other dishes.

Moreover, you might find your tastebuds hinting almonds, butter, and fruity flavor to the cheese. 

Aged Asiago cheese has a sharper smokey flavor, unlike sweet fresh cheese. However, they are milder than cheddar or gouda.

Though it’s a hard cheese, it spreads nicely on crackers and toasts, and its flavor doesn’t go altered while adding them to your soups and stews. 

To get a rapid-fire taste test check out the following table for different asiago cheese:

Asiago Cheese LifeColorTaste
Fresh Asiago cheesePale yellow to whiteMildly sweet, buttery with a pinch of sourness.
6-month-old asiago cheeseLight yellowTangy and pungent
9-month-old asiago cheeseTurning to yellowBlend of sharp spicy fruity and yeast-like taste.

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What is the Texture of Asiago Cheese?

Asiago cheese has a firmer texture and is creamier, unlike parmesan. However, it also depends on the maturity of the cheese.

The fresh or classic asiago cheese is delicate, soft, and has a flexible thin crust with spare holes on the surface.

On the other hand, the texture becomes crumbly and coarse as the cheese matures.

Does Asiago Taste Like Blue Cheese?

No! asiago cheese and blue cheese don’t taste similar. Blue cheese, like asiago, has a sharp taste but is a bit salty. Moreover, it has a strong flavor and smells more like an acquired taste.

If you understood the previous asiago cheese taste explanation, you might see a stark difference between blue cheese. 

What Does Asiago Cheese Smell Like?

Milky, floral, and sweet are the words associated with the pleasantly flavored asiago cheese. Moreover, you might get different smells depending upon the cheese’s maturity.

For instance, an immature asiago cheese has the smell of rembling yogurt or butter.

On the other hand, seasoned asiago cheese has a steady and rich aroma from its strong taste, like bread or pizza dough, dried hazelnuts, and almonds. 

A bad asiago cheese has a foul smell and will develop molds. In addition, the color will become dark with a more rigid texture.

What Cheese is Closest to Asiago?

Parmesan cheese and Pecorino Romano are the best substitutes. Following that is Dry Jack’s flavor, similar to asiago cheese but milder.

However, parmesan has a more robust flavor with a slight saltiness. But it is not creamier as asiago.

Pecorino Romano comes from sheep’s milk and has a salty taste that’s too sharp to be eaten alone. This intense flavor makes it best for pizza instead of asiago.

Is Asiago Cheese Spicy?

No! They are not spicy, and it depends on different people. The slightly spicy taste arises in matured asiago cheese variety, but that doesn’t make the cheese spicy ultimately.

Can You Eat The Rind of Asiago Cheese?

Yes! the rind of asiago cheese is edible. Eating cheese rind must be a part of your journey of eating cheese. There are flavored, washed, and bloomy rinds.

Ensure not to eat rind made of wax or cloth attached to age the cheese.

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