What Does Baja Blast Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Baja Blast Taste Like? 

Baja Blast is a version of the Mountain Dew drink with tropical and fruity flavors, along with the familiar sweet and fizzy taste. It was first released in the Taco Bell menu since it is inspired by and complements the Mexican flavors. There are two other flavor variations of the drink – Baja Flash and Baja Punch. 

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What is Baja Blast? 

Baja Blast is an exclusive flavor of the Mountain Dew soda that is found in Taco Bells.

It has gained popularity over the years and even has flavor variations like Baja Flash and Baja Punch being introduced. They are a flavorful twist on the classic Mountain Dew.

It has a light teal color and is inspired by Mexican flavors.

What Does Baja Blast Taste Like? 

If we go by the Mountain Dew description of Baja Blast, it tastes like “a tropical lime storm”. To put it plainly, the Baja Blast is a combination of tropical flavors like mangoes, pineapples, and citrus mixed with the soda of Mountain Dew. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact flavor though. 

It is, as expected, sweet and fizzy.

It was released as a part of the Taco Bell menu because it is inspired by the Mexican tropical flavors which Taco Bell specializes in.

Taco Bell had introduced a special slushy drink that was made with Baja Blast which made it popular.

What Different Flavors Are There of Baja Blast? 

The success of the teal-colored fizzy sweet Baja Blast helped release two other flavors – the Baja Flash and the Baja Punch. While the original Baja Blast is a tropical fruit flavored version, the Baja Flash is mostly tasting of pineapple and coconut. The Baja Punch is a sweet combo of cherry and oranges or the flavors of a fruit punch.

Is Baja Blast Just Mountain Dew? 

No, Baja Blast is a spin on the taste and flavor of Mountain Dew, adding to it the peppy flavors of tropical fruit. Though of the same base and name, the two drinks are distinct and so are the different flavors. 

Does Baja Blast Have Caffeine? 

Yes, Baja Blast has moderate amounts of caffeine and comes around the same range as regular Mountain Dew or Coca-Cola. The caffeine level is at 54 mg of caffeine in a 12 fl oz cup.

The Taco Bell drink of Baja Blast Freeze has slightly less caffeine content in comparison.

Does Baja Blast Contain Alcohol? 

The original Baja Blast does not contain any alcohol. But the hard Mountain Dew Baja Blast version, which is available in select states, has a 5% alcohol by volume.

Other than that, it has no added sugar or caffeine from the original formula.

Does Baja Blast Have Pineapple in It? 

No, Baja Blast does not have pineapple in it, although it does have the vague tropical fruity flavor which may register as pineapple. But for a more pronounced pineapple flavor, the Baja Flash is the better option which has stronger notes of pineapple and coconut.

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