What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like?

Bang Star Blast has the perfect combination of fruity and tropical flavors in an energy drink. Most flavors have the most prominent citric lemon-like taste with a slightly acidic and herbal aftertaste. It is best described as a tangy and refreshing energy drink. 

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What Is Bang Star Blast?

Bang Star Blast is one of the many flavors of the Bang energy drink company, originally produced by the Vital Pharmaceuticals with their headquarters in Florida, US.

The Bang Corporation is known for its energy drinks, teas, and Keto coffee. 

The Bang energy drinks are the third largest selling energy drink company, only after Red Bull and Monster.

What Does Bang Star Blast Taste Like?

Bang Star Blast is one of their most consumed flavors with prominent tropical and citric flavors. Most have described Star Blast to taste like apples, pear, grapefruit, peach, banana, and passion fruit. The combination of these fruits leads to it being perfectly tangy and refreshing.

But instead of tasting like a tropical fruit smoothie, this energizing beverage tastes like a fruity candied drink.

Many have also claimed that the beverage has a pleasantly earthy aftertaste. It is quite literally a Star Blast with combined carbonation and berry flavors.

Here is a first-hand reaction to every Bang energy drink!

What Are The Types of Bang Drinks?

The Bang beverages have some of the most unique and relishing flavors ranging from a strongly citric Lemon Drop to the non-alcoholic Champagne. The Piña Colada remains their best-selling flavor with a no-alcohol smell making it the perfect base for homemade carbonated drink mix.

Other flavors include Peach Mango known for its fruity base, Sour Heads which taste like sour gummy bears, and Black Cherry Vanilla which tastes like cherry cola.

What Are The Ingredients In Bang Star Blast?

Bang Star Blast uses healthy ingredients like Carbonated Water, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Caffeine Anhydrous with Potassium Phosphate, and Sodium Benzoate that are needed to preserve the freshness of the beverage.

Other major ingredients used are Vitamins C, B6, B12, Niacin, and Magnesium. All flavors of the Bang beverages are sugar-free and calorie-free.

Does Bang Star Blast Have Real Fruit?

No, Bang Star Blast is not prepared with real fruit and does not incorporate real fruit in any step of preparing the beverage. The tropical fruity flavors in the Star Blast are the result of natural and artificial flavoring agents which may have been extracted from real fruits.

Bang Star Blast is said to taste like a variety of different flavors making it hard to incorporate all the different fruits.

Hence, using a balanced mix of artificial flavorants makes it easier to achieve the known flavor.

Is Bang Star Blast Sweet?

Yes, Bang Star Blast is known to be super sweet, but it does not have any added sugar in it. Its sweetness comes from Sucralose. For those who enjoy their morning energy drinks to be on the sweeter side, this Bang Star Blast would be the best way to start your day. 

Bang Star Blast along with all other Bang energy drinks have no added sugar and has zero calories making them a healthy choice of drinks.

Does Bang Star Blast Have Caffeine In It?

Yes, Bang Star Blast and all other flavors of the Bang energy drinks do have a safe amount of caffeine content in each can. The 16-ounce can of Bang Star Blast contains 300 milligrams of caffeine which is considered a safe amount to consume in a day.

300 milligrams of caffeine can act as an energy booster that can last you through the day without draining you at the end of the day.  

Is Bang Star Blast Healthy?

Bang Star Blast can be considered a healthy energy drink only when it is consumed in moderation due to its considerably high caffeine content. The Bang beverages are known for their sugar-free and calorie-free constituent.

Most ingredients used in making a can of Bang Star Blast like carbonated water, citric acid, vitamin C, calcium chloride, and more have been considered safe for moderate and controlled consumption.

What Does The Rainbow Unicorn Bang Taste Like?

The Rainbow Unicorn Bang tastes like candied bubblegum and watermelon. In other words, it has a fun and fresh sweet flavor that can immediately brighten your day and mood. 

The unique and rare combination of the Bang beverages makes them the best of their kind and this Rainbow Unicorn flavor proves it.

How Does The Champagne Bang Taste Like?

The Champagne Bang is yet another out-of-the-box creation by the Bang Corporation with a taste very similar to cream soda and is especially famous in Latin America. 

And no, this energy drink does not contain any alcohol in it. The Champagne Bang also does not taste or smell anything like alcohol.

What Tastes Best With Bang Star Blast?

Bang Star Blast is well known for being one of the few healthy energy drinks and is often drank at the beginning of the day with or without breakfast. 

The Bang beverages are made from vegan ingredients and are considered safe for a Keto diet.

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