What Does Barramundi Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Barramundi Taste Like?

Barramundi has a mild, sweet, buttery, and delicate flavor. However, the taste intensifies upon cooking, giving a variation. This is the best choice for all the choosy seafoodies because it doesn’t have a fishy smell. Moreover, if you have never eaten wild seafood in your life, you can stop to taste this fish that gives you a rich, delectable flavor in every bite. 

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What is Barramundi?

Barramundi is a freshwater fish. It is also known as the Asian sea bass native to the Indo Pacific region.

In the Australian Aboriginal language, barramundi means ‘large-scaled fish.’

True to the name, they give laborious work to remove the scales but underneath, they have tasty, firm, sweet, and mild flavoring white flesh.

What Does Barramundi Taste Like?

Barramundi has a mild, sweet, and buttery flavor. Upon cooking, the flavor varies from each recipe. Barramundi is the best choice for those not used to eating wild fish because once you relish the delicate taste, you will never leave it forever. Moreover, this doesn’t taste fishy for aversive seafood people, so you can go ahead and try one!

The once farmed in the ocean are better than the wild fish of similar species because they have a more robust buttery taste.

However, the age difference also matters where the older taste better than, the younger.

The smaller fish are cooked whole, and the bigger fish go handy for fillets. 

Barramundi fits in for any cuisine that involves baking, frying, steaming, grilling, and including in any curry. Its versatility makes it go handy even for sauces and spices globally.  

Interestingly barramundi is flash-frozen upon fishing.

It means that you freeze and take the fish out any time you wish. Furthermore, it makes your cooking cozy because of the capacity to store like any other fish.

Here are some well-known chefs on the popularity and use of Barramundi –

What is the Texture of Barramundi?

The body has a flaky, delicate, and meaty texture. However, the skin becomes crispy upon frying, making the flesh soft and juicy. Sometimes it may become dry.

But giving a touch of butter or olive oil eases the crispness of the skin, making the fish more flavorful.

Others say that the toothsome texture of the barramundi makes it a favorite of fussy seafoodies. 

What is the Smell of Barramundi?

The barramundi odor mostly resembles the taste. You will get a delicious blend of aroma and the natural ingredients added to taste if you cook it. Barramundi is the best choice for those who dislike eating seafood because it gives you a delicious scent forcing you to eat it.

The good news is that it doesn’t have a smell resembling the salmon or the tuna.

What is Barramundi Similar To?

Most chefs and lovers of barramundi believe it shares the flavor profile with bass, pink snapper, and grouper.

If you wish to learn a detailed taste difference, check out this table if you are planning to buy one:

Barramundi substitiueTaste profile
GrouperButtery, mild-flavored firm flesh
Snapper (red or yellow)Moist, mildly sweet, nutty, and delicate
HalibutMild flesh that is firm
Cod (a little bit handy)Mildly sweet and firm
Mahi-mahiMild taste with sweetness
TilapiaSoft and less flavored that doesn’t affect the other ingredients
SoleMild and delicate taste with a firmer texture
Sea bass (especially the Chilean sea bass)Rich buttery flavor with a meaty texture giving a luxurious barramundi substitute
Nile perchClean flavored and meaty

Barramundi vs. Salmon

Both the varieties have a delectable flavor; however, salmon tops it by being sweeter than barramundi with a mild taste. Moreover, with the smell, barramundi beats salmon without being fishy, making it a suitable choice for picky seafoodies.

In the case of nutrition, barramundi has lower mercury contents and is high in salt.

On the other hand, salmon is lower in salt. One familiar taste sharing is in the skin as both have tasty, crispy skins upon cooking.

The Bottom Line

I hope you enjoyed yet another gem of seafood that’s famous in the Indo- Pacific region.

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