What Does Blue Crab Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Blue Crab Taste Like?

Blue crabs have a distinctly delicate and sweet taste. Like most marine creatures blue crabs have the same sea-like briny taste. The back fin meat is the treasured delicate sweetmeat while the claws offer nutty light brown-colored meat.

If you’ve never had blue crab before, you might be wondering what it tastes like. Is it sweet? Salty? Both?

Here is a well-researched guide to what Blue Crab exactly tastes like.

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What Is Blue Crab?

These vibrant blue creatures are excellent swimmers, also referred to as the Atlantic Blue Crab and the Chesapeake blue crab.

Both male and female blue crabs have their characteristic blue-green hue with mature females having a reddish claw tip to distinguish the two.

Male blue crabs are also said to be slightly bigger than female blue crabs.

What Does Blue Crab Taste Like?

Blue Crabs have a taste very similar to that of shrimps and any other ocean creature. These crabs also have a sweet aftertaste that attracts most of their audience. The white meat within the blue shell is mildly marine and salty with hints of delicate sweetness.

Although they are blue when seen and caught, the shell turns a shade of red-orange when in contact with heat, and thus, once the crab is cooked it is no longer its characteristic blue.

The back fin has the most meat while the claws have little but tasty and nutty meat worth trying. 

Here is a great video on blue crab Stir-Fried recipes by Sros –

What Is The Texture Of Blue Crab Like?

Blue Crab has a tender and flaky texture. The back fin is where most of the tasty meat is at. The claws also have little yet deliciously nutty darker meat to offer. The white meat remains white even when cooked white the blue shell changes to red-orange.

Soft-shelled female blue crabs can be consumed with a crunchy shell that is not too hard to chew and can be digested.

Does Blue Crab Taste Good?

Blue Crabs are known to be one of the best of their kind with buttery and tender meat. The scientific name of blue crab Callinectes sapidus is interpreted as the beautiful savory swimmer. The taste is very similar to that of a shrimp making it easy to try.

Most people including toddlers and the elderly can try this beautiful and tender meat as they are entirely protein.

Can You Eat Blue Crab Raw?

No, it is highly dangerous to consume crab meat raw. Blue Crabs and all other types of crabs naturally carry pathogens that could cause serious diseases like cholera and lung infections. Crabs are either infected by the bacteria or are carriers of these pathogens.

Moreover, raw crab meat is said to be too tough for raw and direct consumption. It is best to properly cook any type of crab before consumption.  

Does Blue Crab Taste Fishy?

Blue Crabs, like any other sea creature, can taste fishy if not handled properly. Blue Crabs can also smell and taste fishy if they are not fresh when purchased. Crabs develop an unpleasant and pungent smell even before they are cooked.

Undercooked blue crab can also taste a little fishy. Correctly cooked crabs have a sea-like taste that is not pungent and fishy.

What Is The Difference Between Blue Crab And Red Crab?

The taste of a Blue King Crab is said to be slightly sweeter and has a mild taste, unlike a Red King Crab which has a rich buttery taste, similar to a lobster. Red Crabs can be a healthy, low-fat, and high-protein alternative to blue crabs.

Although Blue Crabs are visually a better choice, Red Crabs are more flavorful and meatier.

Does Blue Crab Taste Like Dungeness Crab?

No, Blue Crab and Dungeness Crab have very distinct flavors of their own. Blue Crabs are mild and sweet while Dungeness Crabs are meatier, brinier, and have a wilder and stronger taste compared to blue crabs. 

Contrary to their smaller appearance, Dungeness Crabs are higher in protein and fat content.

Does Blue Crab Taste Like Chicken?

No, Blue Crabs do not taste like chicken or fish but crabs do taste like white meat with the characteristic sea element in them. Blue crabs have a distinct sweet and mild taste that is different from both chicken and fish.

Blue Crabs have a unique flavor profile of their own that cannot be compared to other kinds of seafood and meat.  

Does Blue Crab Taste Better Than Shrimps?

Both Blue Crabs and Shrimps are famous kinds of seafood for their delicious appearance and flavors. Shrimps have a thin shell that can be chewed or peeled off easily and can be added to a large number of platters.

Blue Crabs are the sweeter and milder crabs whose shells are soft but are often removed. Their back fin offers delicate sweetmeat while the claws offer a denser wild and nutty meat. 

What Tastes Best With Blue Crabs?

Blue Crab sautéed in butter and garlic is the most classic way to savor the delicate and sweet flavors of blue crabs. Blue Crabs are a frequent addition to seafood broils along with shrimps, lobsters, clams, and more.

Blue Crab Pasta, marinated blue crab salad, Chilean Blue Crab Pie, Blue crab and shrimp gumbo, Busters and grits, and Crab avocado salad are some other luscious ways to enjoy Blue Crabs.

Watch this to know the simplest yet tastiest Blue Crab recipe!

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