What Does Cotija Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Cotija Taste Like? 

Cotija cheese is a popular aged Mexican cheese, that has a salty taste and slight notes of tanginess. Depending on how long it has been aged, the flavor and texture of the cotija cheese can vary. It can go from being soft and milky to firm in texture and strong in flavor. 

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What is Cotija? 

Cotija is an aged cheese popularly found in Mexican recipes like tacos.

It is a dry and crumbly cheese that is made from unpasteurized milk along with salt and rennet (an enzyme). It is aged for at least a year.

It can vary in color and texture from being bright white or pale yellow and being soft or firm.

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What Does Cotija Taste Like? 

Cotija cheese has a fresh and salty taste. Depending on how long it is aged, the cotija can taste more milky and creamy like feta or aged like parmesan cheese. As it ages, the flavor will get sharper. But it does not get any of the funky and pungent taste that we associate with aged cheese. 

It can have notes of tanginess. This tanginess is because of the small quantities of rennet used while making the cotija cheese.

It can vary in texture depending on how long it has been aged.

It can be slightly soft and crumbly with creamier notes, to being firm and more suited to the grating with some chewiness.

Does Cotija Taste Like Blue Cheese? 

Although cotija and blue cheese have an overall salty taste, they have distinct flavors. The blue cheese is stronger in flavor, spicy, and is pungent while cotija though salty is more refreshing and tangier, and has a note of nutty taste.

Does Cotija Taste Like Queso Fresco? 

Cotija and Queso Fresco have similar uses and are at times used to substitute each other. But they have distinct flavors. The queso fresco has a milder and less salty taste with a soft and moist texture. Meanwhile, cotija has a strong salty taste and a firm texture, especially if it is aged for long.

Does Cotija Taste Like Feta? 

Yes, cotija and feta have similar tastes, especially if the cotija has not been aged for long. They both have a salty taste with a soft and crumbly texture.

Though cotija has a stronger flavor, feta is often used to substitute cotija since it is readily available.

Does Cotija Taste Like Parmesan? 

Thoroughly aged cotija cheese is often compared to parmesan. In fact, cotija is also known as Mexican Parmesan. Both are salty and firm enough to grate over dishes, adding a salty umami-rich flavor to the dish.

But that being said, they have distinct flavors though they can be used to substitute for each other.

Is Panela the Same as Cotija? 

No. Though both panela and cotija are Mexican cheeses, they have distinct flavors and textures. The panela is soft and milky cheese and is often paired with pasta and sauce. But cotija is a salty and firm cheese that is served best with tacos or as toppings.

What Are Some Recipes That Use Cotija? 

Cotija is most popularly found in Mexican recipes. Its salty umami-rich flavor is often used to enhance the taste of tacos, enchiladas, and nachos. It can also be found on corn on the cob.

It works perfectly as a garnish over salads or salsas.

What Are Some Substitutes for Cotija? 

You can use several different kinds of cheese to replace cotija in case you have run out of them. Queso fresco and feta cheese are great alternatives if you are looking for a soft and less salty version of cotija. If you want a firmer flavored version of cotija, parmesan or goat cheese crumbles are great options.

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