What Does Edamame Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Edamame Taste Like? 

Edamame beans are soybeans harvested when they are still unripe, on the stalk, and they taste nutty and mildly sweet. Their taste is similar to that of peas, and the nutty taste is similar to that of almonds. They taste great as snacks and are popularly found in Asian cuisine. 

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What is Edamame? 

Edamame is essentially soybeans harvested early when they are soft and green. Edamame in Japanese means “beans on branch” because they are harvested when they are still green and unripe.

You can find the edamame beans in the pod and also hulled. 

Edamame beans are popularly found in Asian cuisines. They are also known for being rich in nutritional value.

What Does Edamame Taste Like? 

Edamame beans have a subtle taste and are similar to peas in flavor. While peas are more on the sweet side, the edamame beans have a mild sweet taste and are nuttier, often compared to almonds. It is buttery and has hints of saltiness.

The pods of edamame beans can also be had, and although they have no distinct flavor, they are popular snacks as they add subtle flavor.

They are harder or firmer than peas or other beans and have a bite.

But the texture and hardness of the edamame beans can vary depending on how it was processed and cooked beforehand.

Here are 2 great recipes you can cook with edamame –

Can You Eat Edamame Beans Raw? 

Although you could eat edamame beans raw, it is advised not to. Since edamame beans are essentially soybeans; they are considered poisonous as they can cause short-term or long-term digestive issues. It is best to at least boil or microwaves them before eating.

Can You Eat Edamame Shells? 

Though the edamame shells are not toxic, they are unappealing to eat, which is why edamame shells are not eaten. They can be quite plasticky or rubbery in texture making it hard to chew and swallow them.

So, it is best to discard the edamame shells and eat the beans.

Can Edamame Beans be Eaten as Snacks? 

Yes, edamame beans make great snacks. They are versatile and go well with a variety of recipes, and there are several snack options all across Asian cuisine. Salted edamame is a popular option. You could also have them served hot or cold.

Do Edamame Beans Taste Like Broad Beans? 

Edamame beans and broad beans do have similar tastes. It is also great to substitute one with the other in your recipes. But keep in mind that they have distinct flavor differences. While edamame beans have a nutty taste – a cross of peas and almonds, the broad beans have a meatier taste and chewy texture.

Do Edamame Beans Taste Like Fava Beans? 

Since fava beans and broad beans are of the same species, they have very mild differences. So, fava beans also share similar tastes and flavors to edamame beans like broad beans. But that being said the two are not the same and have mild differences in texture and flavor.

Do Edamame Beans Taste Like Lime Beans? 

Edamame beans and lima beans have a lot of similarities, but they taste distinctly different. The lima beans have a buttery taste and softer texture, while the edamame beans have a nutty and subtly sweet taste, more similar to the taste of peas.

What Tastes Similar to Edamame Beans? 

The taste of edamame beans is often compared to peas. So, if you are looking for substitutes, peas would be a good option. Fava beans and lima beans should also do the trick though they will have slight variations in taste and texture.

The nutty taste of edamame is often compared to that of almonds, but they might not be great as a replacement for several recipes. 

What Flavors Can You Pair with Edamame? 

Edamame is quite versatile and marries well with quite a range of flavors. From simply combining with salt to classic Asian or Mexican flavors, the edamame beans can work well in salads, as a snack, and even mixed into main dishes with rice, veggies, or meat.

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