What Does Falafel Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Falafel Taste Like? 

Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern dish that tastes nutty and savory. It can vary in taste and sometimes color, depending on the ratio of herbs and spices added to the falafel mix. It is made with chickpeas or fava beans or both together. 

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What is Falafel? 

Falafel is a vegan patty or ball made of chickpeas or fava beans and is deep-fried or baked.

It also contains a combination of herbs and spices, with parsley, cumin, mint, and coriander being common options.

It is a traditional Middle Eastern dish, but these days it is popular street food.

Falafel is usually served like a sandwich or wrap, packed into pita bread along with veggies and dips.

What Does Falafel Taste Like? 

The general taste of falafel is nutty and savory, with hints of refreshing earthy taste that come from the herbs. Depending on the spice mix used, the falafel can range from mild earthy taste to spicy and savory.

Falafel can taste different depending on the recipe used to make them, as the proportion of the veggies, peas or beans, and herbs can alter the overall taste. 

It has a crispy and crunchy outer texture with a soft and fluffy inside.

The outer layer, though crispy, is easy to bite through, and the inside is airy and light, making it a great snack.

The porous texture also makes it great at absorbing sauces it is mixed with. It can be oily or greasy if it is deep-fried and not drained properly.

Here is a great video to prepare falafel –

What Does Falafel Smell Like? 

Falafel has quite an herby and green smell because of the wide range of herbs that go into the falafel mix. It can also smell a little spicy due to the garlic, onion, pepper, or such elements. The chickpeas or fava beans can also contribute to the smell, but it mostly blends into the background as the herbs and spices give off a strong aroma.

What Do You Eat with Falafel? 

Falafel is traditionally served with pita bread and veggies or greens. It can also be paired with hummus or tahini. It makes a great addition to salad bowls, and can even go well with rice and couscous. You can eat it as a sandwich or wrap, or simply have it as a snack with some hummus or sauce to dip it in.

Do Falafels Taste like Hushpuppies? 

Although they look similar, falafel and hushpuppies have different tastes and textures. The hushpuppies are essentially cornmeal balls served alongside seafood, while falafels are herby and nutty protein-rich patties. 

They are also different when it comes to textures and crunch.

The hushpuppies are soft on the outside and hard within, while falafels are crispy on the outside and soft and airy inside.

Do Falafels Taste Like Meatballs? 

No, falafels taste very different from meatballs, though they appear to be similar. The falafel has a distinctly nutty and herby taste and can be savory and grainy in texture. Meanwhile, meatballs can have an umami-rich flavor with a soft and chewy texture.

What Do Green Falafels Taste Like? 

Green falafels taste more or less like any other falafel. The color difference comes from the increased quantity of herbs in the falafel mix. The change in recipe ratios can affect the overall taste of the falafel – the green ones can taste more herby – but in general, they have a nutty and fluffy taste and texture.

Can You Eat Falafel Cold? 

Falafel tastes great cold just as it would fresh off the stove. They make great snacks when cold and can be added to salad bowls or sandwiches. Though it is mostly recommended to eat them freshly made, you can opt to eat them cold with no worries.

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