What Does Goat Meat Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Goat Meat Taste Like? 

Goat or goat meat has a gamey taste with notes of sweetness. It is lean meat with low fat content, and the best of its flavors come out when they are slow-cooked. The taste and flavors can change as the goat matures. Young goats taste the best with tender meat and a less funky smell or aftertaste. 

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What is Goat Meat? 

Goat or goat meat is a leaner alternative to beef or lamb.

It is more popularly had in the Asian, African, and Latin regions of the world.

It has a higher bone to meat ratio and has less fat content. It is best when slow-cooked in liquid or braised.

What Does Goat Meat Taste Like? 

Goat meat has a strong gamey taste and is sweeter than other red meats. It has low fat content, so it is quite lean yet packed with flavor. But there is an earthy flavor to the goat meat that some might love while others might dislike.

The goat meat can be tender or tough, depending on how it is cooked. The texture of goat meat is closer to chicken, and it works great when grilled.

The age of the goat can also factor into the taste of the meat.

The younger goats have tender and flavorful meat, while the older goats have a funkier flavor or a distinct goat-like smell and taste, which can be off-putting.

Here is a popular recipe for goat meat –

Does Goat Meat Taste Gamey? 

Yes, goat is said to have a gamey flavor. If you find the gamey taste unpleasant, you can soak the meat in saltwater, milk, or buttermilk. You could also treat the meat with vinegar or lemon juice to remove the smell and taste.

These steps can drain the meat of that blood which causes the gamey taste.

What Does Goat Meat Curry Taste Like? 

Goat curry is a flavor-packed delicacy with several spices playing in harmony to give an aromatic and savory dish. It is a thick gravy with soft goat meat pieces, and the spicy curry is well balanced when served with plain rice and curd or Rotis.

What Do Different Parts of Goat Taste Like? 

Like any type of meat, different cuts of the goat offer different flavors. The leg of the goat is rich in fat content and is moist along with the cuts like ribs or the loin. The ribs have less fat content in comparison but are still tender when cooked and taste when grilled or pan-seared.

The shanks take a longer cook time to get tender and juicy, so it is best to braise them or slow cook them in broth.

Why Does Goat Meat Taste Bad? 

Goat meat can have a distinct goat-like smell and gamey taste that some people may find funky and unpleasant. Although different recipes and preparations can bring out the best of the goat meat the gamey taste might not be for everyone. The age of the goat can also contribute to the smell and taste.

The younger the goat is, the better it will taste.

Does Goat Meat Taste Like Lamb? 

The goat does taste a lot like lamb, but there are distinct differences. The goat meat is more gamey and lean with more intense flavors than lamb. Goat is also on the sweeter side when compared to lamb while there is more marbling and fat content for lamb than a goat.

Does Goat Meat Taste Like Deer? 

The gamey flavor of goat meat can make it taste like deer meat. But that being said, deer meat is far gamier and more intense in flavor than goat meat. In fact, goat is closer to lamb in taste and flavor than deer.

Does Goat Meat Taste Like Pork? 

No, goat tastes different from pork. It has a gamey taste and is less sweet and fat-rich than pork. When cooked, the pork is more tender and softer than goat meat. They are not interchangeable in recipes, and even their nutritional values are quite different.

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