What Does Lemongrass Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Lemongrass Taste Like? 

Lemongrass has a typically citric and lemon flavor, with a hint of mint. It has a subtle lemon aroma to it. Many also describe the taste of Lemongrass as herbal and a bit earthy. The yellow-white inner stalk is the most flavorful part of the whole Lemongrass stalk. 

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What is Lemongrass? 

Lemongrass is a tropical-grown perennial grass that can grow up to ten feet in height and is mostly seen in clusters.

It is a common herb ingredient in South Asian cuisines such as Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Indian.

 A prominent citric scent, not as strong as a lemon itself, is desired for its subtle aftertaste. 

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What Does Lemongrass Taste Like? 

Lemongrass has a fine fresh lemon flavor without the direct acidity of the citric acid in lemon. It is grown in stalks whose white mid-section and roots are where this flavor arises from. The more it is cooked, the more aroma and excellence it releases, that of mint and sometimes ginger. 

South Asian countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other tropical regions around the planet use this special herb in more ways than one can think of, each tasting more flavorful than the other. 

Lemongrass delivers an indefinite tangy taste, strong enough to make itself evident but not so strong that it overpowers every other flavor.

Its two types: dried lemongrass and fresh lemongrass, have two completely different ways of usage and taste. 

The Texture Of Lemongrass

Lemongrass has a tough and fibrous texture. The fleshy root of the Lemongrass is where its fresh aroma and citric minty flavor come from.

However, to reach the savory part, one has to peel the green leafy parts of the plant. This tough texture can be compared to that of sugarcane. 

The green part is merely there to protect the inner light yellow shoot. Professional chefs often crush this part to use its essence or chop it into fine pieces.

A quick guide on how to cut Lemongrass –

Can Lemongrass Be Eaten Raw? 

Yes, Lemongrass, after having peeled the leaves, can certainly be eaten raw. Even though it has a stringy, sugarcane-line crunchy consistency, it is possible to chew it for a tangy burst of taste impression. 

Finely chopped raw fresh Lemongrass is eaten with many types of salads like shrimp and chicken and other savory dishes.

Does Lemongrass Taste Good? 

Lemongrass has a distinct earthy citric flavor with a touch of mint, giving it a flavor easily identifiable but not as strong as lemon. 

Lemongrass is used across several palates around the world for savory dishes as well as in deserts which need a dash of freshness in each bite, that is exactly what lemongrass adds to the dish. 

What Does Lemongrass Tea Taste Like? 

Lemongrass Tea attributes to a fine lemony taste except for the tangy astringent of a regular lemon. It gives a fresh sweetness along with a minty relish. 

The leaves of Lemongrass can also be used as a useful substitute for lemon juice in tea, and it is organically noncaffeinated.

When brewed, this light yellow tea has the tart aroma of lemons. Herbal teas like this have been in talks recently as they are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and help regulate blood pressure.

Here is how you can prepare your cup of Lemongrass tea at home!  

What Does Lemongrass Taste Like With Chicken? 

Lemongrass infuses with chicken its exclusive flavors of tangy citrus, minty sweetness, and some delicate ginger aroma.

It’s one of the most efficient additions to light meat marinade, which can make a delicious difference in its flavor. 

Lemongrass leaves can also simply be chopped up finely and added to roasted chicken or blended with other herbs to store as a long-lasting marinade for other delicacies or even toasted with other herbs to sprinkle atop your dishes to give them a tangy spice.  

Is Lemongrass Sour in Taste? 

Lemongrass is not tongue-burningly sour but does have a tangy zest, along with a fresh minty and honeyed flavor. It is not as sour as a lemon but has the prominence of sourness.

Lemongrass and classic lemon have the common presence of citral, the essential oil found in different quantities in both that serves for the acidity.

The innermost root and stalk are the most acetic and flavorful parts, while the leaves and shoots serve for the aroma of the overall herb.

Does Lemongrass Taste Like Grass? 

No, Lemongrass does not have the bland wooded taste of plain grass. Lemongrass is characterized by a fresh lemony flavor while also having a minty sweetness, in no way bland. 

This popular misconception is gone soon after one tastes a piece of Lemongrass.

The lemon mint is light and does not overpower other flavors of a dish but does stand out on its own, whether incorporated in tea or salad and soup, or other savory delicacies.

Does Lemongrass Taste Like Soap? 

To someone who has not grown up eating this earthy herb, Lemongrass could very much taste as tasteless as soap. However, Its taste shall not be defined as that of soap. 

Due to its production specifically in parts of Asia, it is common for the rest of the world to find the unfamiliar taste bland.

Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and some Indian and Chinese delicacies are rich in fine lemon and sweet mint flavors.

Does Lemongrass Smell like Ginger? 

Lemongrass has the texture of ginger and an intoxicating yet subtle fragrance of ginger, without the spiciness. This fragrance, however, comes with the smell of lime and mint. 

Dried Lemongrass can tend to have a significantly ginger-like aroma but does not overpower the other flavors on the palate.

Apart from food recipes, this distinct aroma has helped Lemongrass oil play its part in aromatherapy.  

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