What Does Ostrich Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What does Ostrich Taste like?

Ostrich has the taste of premium beef. But, interestingly, being a game bird, it doesn’t give a gamey taste like moose, venison, etc., nor is it like its fowl neighbors like the chicken. Instead, it has a mild flavor and deep red meaty texture. It is expensive exotic meat that you must taste at least once in your lifetime.

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What is an Ostrich?

Ostrich is a flightless African bird with a long neck and two long legs.

It has two toes on each foot and is the swiftest running and the enormous living bird variety. The kick from an ostrich leg kills predators like lions or humans. 

They have three stomachs and are devoid of teeth. So, they eat pebbles to grind the food. Being omnivores, they eat plants and other small lizards or insects.

For human needs, they provide meat, feathers, and skin for making leather. 

What does Ostrich Taste Like?

Premium beef is the closest taste to an ostrich, but it has a deep red color. It is not entirely robust in flavor.

Some argue that ostrich meat is tasteless. However, though ostrich is a part of the bird variety, the flesh doesn’t taste like any other fowls.

Instead, it has a unique mild, meaty flavor with a dash of health benefits.

As a result, many big restaurants have the opportunity to make versatile dishes with ostrich meat, adding other robust ingredients.

An added benefit of using ostrich meat instead of other white and red meats is that it doesn’t shrink and goes best to make steaks, patties, and different kinds of stuff. It is also lower in fat content than other meat of fowls. 

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What is the Texture of Ostrich?

It has a similar texture to beef or grass-fed beef or less fat game meat like venison.

It is also lean with 0% fat content and tender. Moreover, it takes a shorter cooking time. However, too much meat cooking leads to the loss of texture and needs to get cooked medium or medium-rare.

Can You Eat Ostrich Meat?

Yes! You can eat ostrich for a healthy lifestyle. 

Ostrich becomes flavorful once you add other ingredients while cooking. It has Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, cholesterol, protein, fiber, and Potassium that is healthy for you.

For instance, the flavored dishes made from ostrich meat are Ostrich steaks, Marinated ostrich, Ostrich steaks with wine and mushroom sauce, and Ostrich steaks with calvados sauce.

These tend to enhance the flavor of the meat. So, don’t forget to try ostrich meat if you spot one in the market when you go!

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Does Ostrich Taste Gamey?

No! ostrich doesn’t taste gamey though it is a game bird.  It has a mild taste that gets flavor nourishment with its ingredients. A strong seasoning, marinade, or sauce aids in bringing out the dense, meaty flavor of the ostrich meat.

So, it’s the best choice for those who shun game meat because it’s bland and gets its flavor only after cooking.

Is Ostrich Meat Hard to Digest?

No ostrich meat is easily digestible.

This benefit is because 97% of the meat is lean and full of nutrition, thereby digesting the meat like other red meats, according to many ostrich meat-eaters.

Why is it So Popular to Eat Ostrich Meat?

Ostrich meat is high in nutrition and has a milder taste with a dense texture. Moreover, it’s unlike the poultry meat in local meat stores. It tastes best when cooked with robust flavoring ingredients, making it popular, especially in the West.

Nevertheless, it is best liked by those who are aversive to wild game meat and get bred for meat on a few farms.

Moreover, in many famous restaurants, ostrich meat offers versatility in dishes making it more flavorful.

So, all these factors make ostrich meat on demand for chefs and the general public who can afford to buy it.

Risk and Considerations for Eating Ostrich Meat

Ostrich meat sometimes might be harmful to human health. One is if the ostrich is injured too much. At the same time, killing might affect the brain, and parasite attacks might be on the muscles. In addition, their intestines are prone to parasite attacks.

Ensure to consider the following rules before buying ostrich meat:

  • While slaughtering, the ostrich must not be severely injured.
  • Buy ostrich meat from a reputable seller of rare meats.

If you find no sign of infection or parasite attack, go ahead to enjoy a healthy, flavorful ostrich meal!

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