What Does Passion Fruit Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Passion Fruit Taste Like?

Passion fruit gives a tart and a mildly sweet flavor to the tongue. In addition, it emits a juicy fruity smell once you bite into it. There is a tint of sourness while tasting them, along with the watery and jelly-like liquid. 

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What is Passion Fruit?

Passion fruit (Passiflora vine) is the final product of passionflower with a tough outer covering with a yellow, juicy and seeded core that is edible.

It is a tropical fruit that frequently comes in purple or yellow colors and is either round or yellow.

What Does Passion Fruit Taste Like?

Passion fruit gives a tangy, tart, and mildly sweet flavor. The sour tang arises from the seeds. Some say that the flavor emitted while tasting is a mix of mango, peach, orange, and pineapple. But the taste depends on the time the fruit gets plucked.

For example, it might be sour if you taste a fruit immediately picked from the plant. On the other hand, keeping it for a day or two intensifies the sweetness. 

Tap on this taste test video about the passion fruit to get a better understanding:

What is the Texture of Passion Fruit?

The fruit’s outer skin is hard and becomes shriveled as it ripens. The pulp is a mixture of jelly and watery.

So, to get a better flavor out of the fruit, they are used in dishes; however, some prefer to eat them raw.

Does Passion Fruit Smell Good?

The shell of the passion fruit is devoid of smell. However, ripe fruit gives a fruity scent.

Sometimes you get a citrus smell from the fruit that is ripe. If you don’t get any scent, it’s a sign that the fruit is yet to ripen and is still sour.

What is the Best Tasting Passion Fruit?

 Sweet passion fruit variety is the tastiest passion. 

It has a hard yellow outer shell with white pulp excellently aromatic. Also, this variety has a worldwide acclamation.

Is Passion Fruit Poisonous?

For the majority, passion fruit is safe to eat. Just scoop the juicy center to relish the rich flavor of the exotic fruit.

However, few are allergic to it (Latex Allergy). Some of the side effects of eating passion fruits are Altered consciousness, Loss of coordination, Confusion, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Liver toxicity, Nausea/vomiting, and Pancreas toxicity. 

So, ensure that you consume ripened passion fruit moderately to avoid problems.

Here are some 11 things that happen to your body eating passion fruit:

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