What Does Starfish Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Starfish Taste Like? 

Starfish has a unique taste similar to sea urchins and is tender enough to melt in your mouth. It is also said to have a very sea-like taste, salty and briny. The meat of the starfish has a slightly bitter taste that needs time to be savored. 

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What Is A Starfish?

Starfish, also known as sea stars are found in the seabed of almost all ocean bodies around the world. They belong to the asteroidean class of species because of their star-like appearance with usually five spikes. 

They can survive in tropical, warm, and also in Polar Regions.

What Does Starfish Taste Like?

The flesh of starfish has a mildly bitter taste and has the essence of a salty sea-like taste. A major part of what starfish tastes like depends on how it is prepared and cooked; it can taste like ground meat or really soft and smooth. 

Starfish is considered a delicacy in some parts of Asia and is famous Chinese street food but it is not commonly seen in most seafood restaurants.

The extremely salty and briny taste is not favored by a lot of people but those who are used to other kinds of seafood find it a delicious appetizer. 

However, most people also eat starfishes for their various nutritional benefits like rich amounts of protein and vitamin B12.

It is important to choose the correct and edible type of starfishes as some species may be highly poisonous.

Here is how a famous Chinese starfish soup is prepared.

What is the Texture of Starfish Like?

Cooked starfish flesh has a chunky, meat-like texture. The texture can vary from chewy like ground meat to creamy tender meat depending on the way it is cooked. The edible part of the starfish lies inside the legs while the outer colorful and rough layer is inedible. 

A starfish once out of water becomes coarser, rigid, and dried out. The flesh itself remains moist, creamy, and quite mushy to feel.

What Are The Types Of Edible Starfish?

The yellow-orange starfish is the most commonly eaten type in most parts of China. There are over 15,000 different species of Starfishes observed by researchers in sea beds around the planet. Experts have identified some edible varieties.

Not all of these variations are edible and it is recommended to only consume starfishes from reliable places.

Is It Safe To Eat Starfish?

Some varieties of Starfishes are safely edible and also a favorite of many seafood lovers around the world. Only a selected part of starfishes is edible. The greenish-brown soft and moist substance found inside a starfish’s legs is the edible component. 

The outer colorful and attractive shell is not edible. It is too hard and rigid to be consumed. The feet which may seem chewy are also not edible and is tasteless.

Can You Eat Starfish Raw?

Raw Starfish is not safe to consume, nor does it have an appealing taste. Starfishes should only be consumed from reliable sources and properly cooked. Starfishes can either be boiled or deep-fried. They are most often boiled before consuming just the flesh. 

A boiled starfish has a tough outer shell but the flesh inside is tender, moist, and smooth. It is somewhat gray in color and even though it does not look the best, it does have a unique taste.  

Does Starfish Taste Good?

Starfish tastes good to people who have grown up eating seafood, and those who like the marine briny taste that is associated with most sea creatures. The taste of starfish can be described as an acquired one as it takes a few tries before someone can fully relish it. 

Starfish can taste different depending on what it is cooked with. It usually retains its slightly bitter taste and ground beef-like creamy texture.

What Does Grilled Starfish Taste Like?

Grilled Starfish retains the mildly bitter and marine taste along with the smoky flavors instilled from grilling anything. The taste of this Chinese delicacy is not considered to be wholly palatable, even if it is edible. 

Starfish is grilled using oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne. The shell of a grilled starfish is edible once grilled but does not have any distinct taste or flavor.

A first-hand experience of catching and cooking starfish!

Does Starfish Taste Like Fish?

Starfish has a characteristic unique taste that is not similar to fish or prawns or any other seafood. The closest comparison to the taste of starfish would be sea urchins and the Chinese river crabs. They share a similar moist texture and slightly bitter taste.

Starfish and fishes do share the same marine essence, briny and sea water-like. The ground texture of starfish is very different from the tender texture of fish.

Is Starfish An Acquired Taste?

It seems so as most people who have tasted starfish have admitted to it being an acquired taste, similar to the taste of sea urchins. Starfish has to be eaten a few times before someone can fully relish its taste as it has a very different flavor and texture from other seafood. 

Starfish at first glance does not have the most appetizing look and even when it is grilled or boiled, does not look any better.

However, the taste is considered a delicacy among those who have eaten it long enough.

What Tastes Best With Starfish?

Starfish is usually deep-fried and then boiled before it is consumed. Starfish is one of the few kinds of seafood that are best if prepared by a professional or someone who has dealt with starfishes before. Oil, salt, pepper, and hot sauce are all that you would need to prepare this dish.

Once cooked, the flesh is enjoyed by simply scooping it out with a spoon or just a finger.

The flesh is not mixed with other condiments as they might take away the taste you are looking for.

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