What Does Ultra Blue Monster Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Ultra Blue Monster Taste Like?

The Ultra Blue Monster has heavy citrus and berry-like taste. It is a sugar-free and calorie-free beverage with a prominent Blue Gatorade flavor along with other berry flavors. It is best described as a tangy and refreshing energy drink. 

If you ever wondered what Ultra Blue Monster tastes like? you’re not alone.

The Ultra Blue variety is said to be the tastiest of all the monsters, and many people have attempted to recreate the flavor.

Allow me to take you on this journey to discover its taste!

What Is Ultra Blue Monster?

Monster Energy is a brand of energy drinks originally from Corona, California.

It is owned by the Monster Beverage Corporation. It is second only to Red Bull in the energy drinks industry in the US. 

Monster produces over 34 different flavored energy beverages under the categories of Monster Energy line, Java Monster, Juice, Hydro, Extra Strength, Dragon Tea, Muscle, Import, and Rehab.

What Does Ultra Blue Monster Taste Like?

Ultra Blue Monster has the most prominent flavor of blue raspberries with a tangy, tart, and refreshing feel suitable for any occasion. It is a sugar-free and calorie-free beverage with a light and less-pungent taste compared to the other flavors.

This bright blue has a pleasantly sour taste that is not overwhelmingly sweet.

The ultra-blue flavor is the perfect can if you are looking for the known taste of monster energy drinks and the tangy and fruity flavors of blue cranberries and other flavorful berries.

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What Are The Types Of Ultra Monster Drinks?

There are 12 known Ultra Monster Flavors, each with a distinctly fruity flavor. The first Ultra Zero Ultra has a prominent citrus flavor, Ultra Fiesta is a mango-flavored one, and Ultra Rosá is a combination of pink grapefruit and strawberry. 

Ultra Paradise is kiwi lime and cucumber flavored, Ultra Blue has light citrus and berry flavor, Ultra Red is of mixed berries, and lastly, Ultra Violet mixes citrus and grape. 

What Are The Ingredients in Ultra Blue Monster?

Ultra Blue Monster uses several ingredients like Taurine, Caffeine, Inositol, Carbonated Water, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium Citrate, Panax Ginseng Flavor, Sucralose, and Niacinamide.

Sorbic Acid and Benzoic Acid are included as preservatives.

Additionally, Ultra Blue Monster also has Vitamins D, B3, B5, B6, and B12.

Does Ultra Blue Monster Have Real Fruits?

No, Ultra Blue Monster is not prepared with real fruit and does not incorporate real fruit in any step of preparing the beverage. The citrusy fruity flavors in the beverage are the result of natural and artificial flavoring agents which may have been extracted from real fruits.

Ultra Blue Monster is said to taste like a variety of different flavors making it hard to incorporate all the different fruits.

Hence, using a balanced mix of artificial flavorants makes it easier to achieve the known flavor.

Is Ultra Blue Monster Sweet?

The Ultra Blue Monster is one of the less-sweet flavors of Ultra Monster beverages. All the flavors in the Ultra line of the energy drink corporation were produced to be sugar-free and calorie-free. The only sweetening agents in them are artificial sweeteners.

The Ultra Blue Monster flavor is known for its prominent citrusy and tangy berry-like flavors making it mostly sour with fewer traces of sweetness.

Does Ultra Blue Monster Have Caffeine In It?

Yes, Ultra Blue Monster and all other flavors of the Monster energy drinks do have a safe amount of caffeine content in each can. The 16-ounce can of Bang Star Blast contains 140 milligrams of caffeine which is considered a safe amount to consume in a day.

150 milligrams of caffeine can act as an energy booster that can last you through the day without draining you at the end of the day.

Is Ultra Blue Monster Healthy?

Ultra Blue Monster can be considered a healthy energy drink only when it is consumed in moderation due to its considerably high caffeine content. The Ultra beverages are known for their sugar-free and calorie-free constituent.

Most ingredients used in making a can of Ultra Blue Monster like carbonated water, citric acid, and vitamin C have been considered safe for moderate and controlled consumption.

What Does The Ultra Gold Monster Taste Like?

The Ultra Gold Monster is one of the most recent additions to the line of Ultra beverages. It has the flavor of ripened and sweet pineapples with just the right amount of sweetness. 

Some critique this particular flavor by claiming that it is unnecessarily sweet and has a complex flavor that overshadows the pineapple and may be overwhelming for some. 

What Does The Pacific Punch Juice Monster Taste Like?

The Pacific Punch Juice Monster is known to be one of the best produces of the Monster line of energy drinks for the tropical fruity flavor that distinguishes it from every other energy drink. It has a comparatively high caffeine content of 160mg per 16 ounces can. 

The combination of apple, orange, raspberry, cherry, pineapple, and passion fruit juices makes it a unique and flavorful can of refreshment.

What Tastes Best With Ultra Blue Monster?

Ultra Blue Monster and other monster energy beverages are best served chilled. It can be served with a platter of snacks like crackers and cheese to balance out the citrusy flavor of the beverage. 

It is recommended to drink this beverage in controlled amounts only with its considerably high caffeine content. The Ultra Monster beverages are made from vegan ingredients and are considered safe for a Keto diet.

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