Guide to Microwave Cooking, Defrosting, Reheating, Melting & More

Microwaves are used in almost every household today. They are used to cook food, heat water, defrost frozen foods, warm beverages, dry clothes and even sterilize medical equipment.

A microwave oven is basically a device that heats food using electromagnetic radiation. The radiation is produced by an electric current passing through a magnetron tube. The microwaves are then directed at the food inside the oven cavity.

Microwaves penetrate the food and cause molecular motion within the molecules of the food. This causes the molecules to vibrate and produce heat.

The amount of energy required to heat the food depends on the size of the food item being heated. Small items such as popcorn require less energy than large items such as steaks.

There are so many things one can accomplish with a microwave, we plan to take discuss how to do them in the best possible manner with excellent results.


How does it work?

The process works like this:

1) A high-frequency alternating electrical field is generated from a magnetron that produces microwaves with wavelengths between 1 cm and 10 mm. These microwaves pass into the oven where they hit the food causing its molecules to move rapidly back and forth. As these molecules collide with each other, their kinetic energy increases until eventually, all the molecules reach thermal equilibrium.

2) When the molecules have reached thermal equilibrium, they begin to radiate some of their excess energy as infrared light waves.

3) The infrared rays travel outwards away from the source of the heating. If there is no object blocking them, they will continue traveling for several meters before dissipating completely.

4) Since most objects absorb more infrared light than visible light, the surface temperature rises quickly.

5) Once the food reaches the desired internal temperature, the microwave power supply shuts off automatically.

6) After about 30 seconds, the food begins to cool down again due to convection currents caused by the difference in density between the warmer center of the food and cooler outer layers.

Benefits of Microwave Oven

Microwaves are used for cooking food quickly

-They cook food faster, especially if you just need to do a simple job such as re-heating.

-They heat food evenly

-They save time, given you need to attend the process when the microwave is on.

-They are cleaner