The Best Brazilian Desserts


Quick Answer: The Best Brazilian Desserts

The Best Brazilian Desserts based on how delicious they can be are,  Brigadeiro, Acai na tigela. Quindim, Canjica, Bolo de Rolo, Cocada, Beijinho de Coco. Mousse de Maracujá, Pudim de leite condensado, Pé-de-moleque, Rabanada, Goiabada, Bolo de brigadeiro, Pamonha, Curau de Milho, Paçoca, Pavê, Brazilian Carrot Cake, & so many more. Read to know more!

My article is going to be the only guide you’ll ever need when it comes to Brazilian sweets because we present to you the Best Desserts the Brazilians have to offer.

I love Brazil & I love Desserts – it didn’t take a lot of time to make the connection between the two. As someone who’s tried many of the recipes on this list, I can guarantee you won’t be wasting your time.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

The Best Brazilian Desserts: Quick Table

Recipe Calories (per 100g)Preparation Time
Brigaderio329 kcal45 min
Açaí Na Tigela134 kcal5 min
Quindim345 kcal1 hr 5 min
Canjica356 kcal1 hr 40 min
Bolo de Rolo317 kcal1 hr 20 min
Cocada475 kcal20 min
Beijinho de Coco439.09 kcal2 hr 15 min
Mousse De Maracuja172 kcal2 hr 5 min
Pudim de Leite Condensado189 kcal5 hr 30 min
79 kcal1 hr 25 min
Rabanada229 kcal30 min
Goiabada342.5 kcal1 hr 50 min
Bolo de Brigadeiro415 kcal4 hr 20 min
Pamonha176.8 kcal1 hr 5 min
Curau de Milho116.27 kcal40 min
Pacoca416.05 kcal10 min
Pave316.6 cal45 min
Brazilian Carrot Cake348.69 kcal1 hr 5 min
Creme de PapayaNA5 min
Romeo and JulietNA25 min
Arroz Doce97.05 kcal40 min
Geléia de Mocotó
96 kcal55 min
387.5 kcal40 min
Tapioca PancakesNA 1 hr 5 min
Doce de Leite315 kcal1 hr 30 min
Maria Mole180 kcal1 hr
Ambrosia128 kcalNA
Creme de Cupuacu82 kcal20 min
Banana Frita325 kcal15 min
Sagu de Vinho72.49 kcal30 min
Bolinho de Chuva613 kcal17 min
Cuscuz de Tapioca276 kcal30 min
Batida de Coco118.56 kcal5 min
Brazilian Tapioca Pudding119 kcal5 hr 45 min
Bom Bocado346 kcal40 min
Torta Holandesa404 kcal5 hr 15 min
Manjar Branco116 kcal12 hr 20 min
Biscoitos de Maizena440 kcal17 min

1. Brigadeiro

Calories (per 100g) – 329 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 45 mins

Brigadeiro are Brazilian Fudge balls! Made with a delectable combination of condensed milk and cocoa powder, it’s a Brazilian classic.

Taking a bite of this is equal to the feeling of chocolate melting in your mouth and, we are here for it.

Here’s how you can make it! –

2. Açaí na tigela

Calories (per 100g) – 134 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 5 mins

Acai berries are frozen, then blended to make smoothie bowls that are light, delicious, & low in calories.

They’re super trendy & the best part is you can choose from whatever toppings you like, from granola to chocolate chips!

Try them yourself! –

3. Quindim

Calories (per 100g) – 345 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 5 mins

Quindim is a gorgeous yellow custard that’s just eggs, sugar, coconut milk, & shredded coconut.

It tastes like caramel & has a blend of textures that will capture you with the first bite. It’s nothing like you’ve ever had before.

Try making it! –

4. Canjica

Calories (per 100g) – 356 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 40 mins

Canjica is a dish that warms you up from the inside.

A classic Brazilian dessert prepared with white hominy corn, coconut, & spices like cinnamon, this treat is creamy, milky, & can be eaten at any time you want!

See how you can make it! –

5. Bolo de Rolo

Calories (per 100g) – 317 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 20 mins

Bolo de Rolo is the most impressive cake I’ve seen.

It is numerous layers of thin cake sheets stuffed (traditionally) with guava paste in between, rolled into a roll with a garnishing of sugar.

This cake is also recognized by the law!

Make it yourself! –

6. Cocada

Calories (per 100g) – 475 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 20 mins

This famous Brazilian street food has more variations than countries in South America.

I’m talking about the one made with shredded coconut & condensed milk, with a hint of vanilla.

It’s delicious and, you should 110% try it!

Check out this recipe –

7. Beijinho de Coco

Calories (per 100g) – 439.09 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours 15 mins

Like most Brazilian Desserts, this one’s easy to make & so tasty you can’t stop eating it.

Beijinho de Coco are coconut fudge balls rolled in more coconut.

Served as the perfect party food & great for coconut lovers.

Make them yourself! –

8. Mousse de Maracuja

Calories (per 100g) – 172 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours 5 mins

This Passion Fruit Mousse is perfect for those hot summer days.

Again, super easy to make with just passion fruit, heavy cream, & a blender, this mousse is ultra-creamy & the perfect amount of sweetness.

Try it! –

9. Pudim de leite condensado

Calories (per 100g) – 189 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 5 hours 30 mins

It’s Brazilian Flan! Creamy, fun, jiggly and has the best kind of caramel sauce to accompany it.

Made with only 4 ingredients, it’s rich in quality, easy to make, and absolutely delightful.

DIY Recipe –

10. Pé-de-moleque

Calories (per 100g) – 79 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 25 mins

Pé-de-moleque is a crispy, chewy, buttery sweet brittle loaded with peanuts!

A classic Brazilian treat that can be eaten at any time of the day and is perfect to give friends & relatives as holiday gifts.

Make them yourself! –

11. Rabanada

Calories (per 100g) – 229 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 30 mins

Rabanada is Brazilian French toast that’s crispy on the outside and creamy, custardy goodness within.

Coat it with a cinnamon-sugar mix & enjoy!

DIY Recipe –

12. Goiabada

Calories (per 100g) – 342.5 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 50 mins

It’s Guava Marmalade that is extremely popular throughout Brazil.

Usually eaten with fresh Cheese, this marmalade is tart, sweet & delicious.

Try making it!

Recipe Link-> Goiabada

13. Bolo de brigadeiro

Calories (per 100g) – 415 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 4 hours 20 mins

Bolo de brigadeiro is a traditional birthday cake! It’s a 3-layer moist chocolate cake with delicious chocolate fudge filling between the layers topped with chocolate sprinkles.

DIY Recipe –

14. Pamonha

Calories (per 100g) – 176.8 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 5 mins

An exotic delicacy made from grated corn made into a paste, then tied in corn husks & steamed.

They’re incredible.

Check out the recipe –

15. Curau de Milho

Calories (per 100g) – 116.27 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 40 mins

Made from corn, milk, & sugar, this dish has a custard-like consistency that is great for summers and tastes divine.

DIY Recipe –

16. Paçoca

Calories (per 100g) – 416.05 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 10 mins

Paçoca is my favorite.

Made with just peanuts, sugar & salt, these candies & their wet sand texture, are delightful.

Learn how to make them! –

17. Pavê

Calories (per 100g) – 316.6 cal

Total Preparation Time – 45 mins

It’s a better Tiramisu that uses cognac instead of coffee & trust me, it’s so much better.

Plus, everyone has their variation!

Try making it! –

18. Brazilian Carrot Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 348.69 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 5 mins

It’s the easiest cake ever.

It’s fluffy, moist & abundant with delicious sweet carrot flavor.

Plus the Brigadeiro frosting is to die for.

Try it! –

19. Creme de Papaya

Total Preparation Time – 5 mins

The Cream of Papaya is a delicious tropical drink.

It only needs Papaya & ice cream & I swear to God, it’s the most refreshing drink I’ve ever tasted.

Try it for yourself! –

20. Romeo and Juliet

Total Preparation Time – 25 mins

In Brazil, they have a saying, “Cheese without Goiabada is like Romeo without Juliet” and, that’s exactly what this dish is – bite-sized Goiabada with delicious Cheese.

Try it! –

Recipe Link-> Romeo and Juliet

21. Arroz Doce

Calories (per 100g) – 97.05 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 40 mins

This rich & creamy dessert is a spiced rice pudding that will knock your socks off with its flavors!

Learn how to make it –

22. Geléia de Mocotó

Calories (per 100g) – 96 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 55 mins

Even though cow hooves are the main ingredient in this dish, with the addition of milk & sugar, this rich jelly is a total delicacy.

DIY Recipe Link-> Geléia de Mocotó

23. Queijadinha

Calories (per 100g) – 387.5 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 40 mins

Queijadinhas are Brazilian Coconut Muffins.

They’re creamy, they’re delicious, & they’re loaded with coconut.

What more could you want from a tropical dessert?

Try making it! –

24. Tapioca Pancakes

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 5 mins

This crepe-like pancake is a very famous street eat in Brazil! Typically served stuffed with a savory or sweet filling like cheese or chocolate, they’re a total must-have.

Try them! –

25. Doce de Leite

Calories (per 100g) – 315 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 30 mins

Also known famously as Dulce de Leche.

Made with just milk & sugar, this sweet treat is versatile as heck.

Make it yourself –

26. Maria Mole

Calories (per 100g) – 180 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour

They’re Coconut Marshmallows! Imagine biting into a coconut cloud – that’s what they feel like.

Sweet, fluffy, delicate & not sticky at all.

Try making them! –

27. Ambrosia

Calories (per 100g) – 128 kcal

Ambrosia is curdled milk cooked with brown cane sugar & cinnamon.

It’s a true delight that has many variations.

Make it yourself –

28. Creme de Cupuaçu

Calories (per 100g) – 82 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 20 mins

Made from Cupuaçu, a fruit that’s abundant in Brazil, sour cream & sugar, it’s a smoothie-like dessert, best enjoyed cold.

Try it!

DIY Recipe Link-> Creme de Cupuaçu

29. Banana Frita

Calories (per 100g) – 325 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 15 mins

Banana sliced, dipped & fried in oil, topped with cinnamon & sugar.

Sweet, crispy & pairs well with vanilla ice cream!

DIY Recipe –

30. Sagu de Vinho

Calories (per 100g) – 72.49 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 30 mins

It is Red Wine Tapioca Pudding that looks incredible while tasting incredible.

Served with crème anglaise, this ruby dessert is a show-stopper.

Check out this recipe! –

31. Bolinho de Chuva

Calories (per 100g) – 613 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 17 mins

Known & named after their raindrop shape, Bolinho de Chuva are deep-fried dough balls sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar.

Make it yourself! –

32. Cuscuz de Tapioca

Calories (per 100g) – 276 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 30 mins

Made with Tapioca boiled in milk, condensed milk, sugar & grated coconut, this dessert makes for a wholesome tasty pudding.

DIY Recipe –

33. Batida de Coco

Calories (per 100g) – 118.56 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 5 mins

A delicious end-of-summer, coconut-based cocktail.

Easy to make & hella refreshing.

DIY Recipe –

34. Brazilian Tapioca Pudding

Calories (per 100g) – 119 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 5 hours 45 mins

Tapioca Pudding with a touch of coconut.

It’s creamy, milky, and the perfect amount of sweet.

Try it yourself! –

35. Bom Bocado

Calories (per 100g) – 346 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 40 mins

It translates to “a good bite” and it’s true.

It’s a delicious egg custard with a hint of coconut that will make sure you don’t stop at one.

Try them! –

36. Torta Holandesa

Calories (per 100g) – 404 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 5 hours 15 mins

It’s also known as the Brazilian Dutch Pie.

It has three layers, looks great, & tastes even better. You can also call it Chocolate Heaven!

Here’s how you can make it! –

37. Manjar Branco

Calories (per 100g) – 116 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 12 hours 20 mins

It is Coconut Flan with a Plum Sauce topping.

It might take some time to set but trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Learn how to make it! –

38. Biscoitos de Maizena

Calories (per 100g) – 440 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 17 mins

They’re cookies made from cornstarch and, they taste amazing considering how many ingredients & the time it takes to make them!

Try making them with this cutie! –

In The End,

We hope you have as much fun expanding your palate as we do writing about it!

We also hope you discover a few new favorites to add to your own best desserts list!

Do contact us for any suggestions or edits you’d like to make!

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