What Do Figs Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Do Figs Taste Like?

Figs are the flowers of the fig tree that have a mild, fresh sweetness to them. Some may be wary of trying this fruit looking at the insides but the syrupy juiciness does not disappoint us at all. There may be many different varieties of figs but the best ones are the fresh, locally sourced ones as figs tend to be easily perishable. Fresh figs also have a notable floral hint to them which is quite similar to the rich fruitiness of a melon.

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What Are Figs?

Technically, the edible fig is a clump of inverted blossoms from the common fig tree.

Each bloom bears a seed, which is protected by an edible pear-shaped pod, which is commonly referred to as the “fruit” of the fig.

Originating in the Middle East, figs have been grown for generations.

Cultivation has extended around the world to hot, arid areas, with Greece, Portugal, Turkey, and Spain producing the most now.

What Do Figs Taste Like?

Fresh figs have a sweet, honeyed flavor and a soft, spongy feel with perceptible seeds for crunch. Sweet, fruity but not tart, with a honey-nectar note and a hint of flowery, figs have a sweet, fruity but not tart flavor. They’re recognized for their sweetness and, like dates, may be used as a sweetener in a dish.

If figs were to be compared to anything, they’d be a mix between dates and strawberries.

A mature, sensitive fig is heavy with its own syrupy liquor, which drips out of its base if you leave it too long.

The flavor is honey-like sweet with a hint of berry and brighter hues of flavor.

Here is a little video that will help you gain more clarity about the taste of figs.

How to Eat figs?

Figs are incredibly simple to consume, and we recommend starting with the fresh ones! Remove the top section of the fig together with the stem, and make sure the fig is thoroughly cleaned in cold water. You may eat the skin of a fig, but only after it has been well washed.

Then, vertically chop the fig into at least two pieces.

You should see the lovely seeds within, gleaming like little pearls. The tastiest portion of the fig is there.

Enjoy the slices by biting into them. To make more experimental pairings, combine it with parmesan, Gouda, or prosciutto.

Are Fresh Figs Sweet?

The flesh of the fig fruit is mildly sweet to sour in taste, depending on the ripeness. The amount of fruit sugar (fructose) is quite low and can be used as a healthy snack by all age groups.

A sweet, but not as delicious as a very ripe fig, is a freshly ripe fig that is firm to the touch but yields just a bit.

The riper—and sweeter—a fig becomes, the squishier it becomes.

What Do Dry Figs Taste Like?

Because the sugars have begun to crystalize, dried figs are more sugar-cane-like and significantly sweeter. There isn’t much of a difference in terms of overall flavor.

In pies, jams, smoothies, and sauces, both dried and fresh figs are suitable. Remember that figs are available from late spring to late summer.

So, if it’s winter, you’ll probably just find dried figs.

What Do Green Figs Taste Like?

Green figs are bigger and plumper than black figs in general. The sugar content and ripeness of fig are directly proportional to its weight.

Its flesh is made up of a rusty strawberry-colored jellied pulp brimming with fruit seeds. Darker figs lack the candied syrup and candy tastes found in the pulp.

Younger fruits have a milder flavor, less sugar, and cottony flesh with a less jellied seed cavity.

Do Figs Taste Like Dates?

Yes, figs do taste like dates quite a bit. Both figs and dates are sweet, however, dates are somewhat sweeter than figs and have slightly distinct flavor subtleties.

Fresh figs’ floral fragrance transforms into a raisin flavor in dried figs, but dried dates taste more like sugar with a tinge of prune.

Are Figs Tasty?

Even though flavor choices do vary from person to person, juicy fresh fruit dripping liqueury goodness does appeal to most people.

As a personal opinion and quite a bit of research, I would conclude, that fresh figs are tasty.

The same might not be true for dried figs where the flavors are concentrated and it does take some getting used to the strong flavor it comes with.

What Do Figs Taste Good With?

After you’ve had your fill of figs in their natural form, the fact is that they’re great for cooking. Figs complement the cuisine they’re served and stand out on their own.

Figs provide honeyed taste and luxuriant texture to every recipe when roasted with meats, poached in wine, strewn with salad greens, or baked into sweets. They create unique sweet chutneys and preserves, as well as irresistible gelato and a fantastic pizza topping when combined with prosciutto.

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