40 Best Chinese Desserts You Should Try!


Quick Answer: The Best Chinese Desserts

The Best Chinese Desserts based on how delicious they can be are, Almond Jelly, Egg Tarts, Pineapple Cake, Mango Pudding, Soy Milk Pudding, Eight Treasure Rice Pudding, Tangyuan, Mooncake, Mung Bean Cake, Sugarcoated Haws on a Stick, Boba tea, Steamed Custard Bun, and so many more. Read to know more!

I will tell you everything you need to know about some of the Best Chinese desserts you can enjoy!

I love Chinese cuisine, and it was only natural that I fell in love with their desserts! So as someone who has tried & experimented with most of these desserts, I assure you they’re worth your time.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Finest desserts the Chinese have to offer!

The Best Chinese Desserts: Quick Table

RecipeCalories (per 100g)Preparation Time
Almond Jelly 149 kcal2 hr 10 min
Egg Tarts310 kcal1 hr 40 min
Mango Pudding47 kcal10 min
Soy Milk Pudding92.8 kcal15 min
Eight Treasure Rice Pudding73.84 kcal50 min
Tangyuan - Sweet Soup Balls367 kcal35 min
Mooncake357 kcal40 min
Mung Bean Cake318.6 kcal1 day 1 hr
Sugar Coated Haws on a Stick326.2 kcal15 min
Boba Tea50 kcal2 hr 10 min
Chinese Steamed Cake267.2 kcal1 hr 35 min
Chinese Egg Cakes275.7 kcal30 min
Youtiao - Chinese Fried Doughnut696.5 kcal2 hr 35 min
Dragon's Beard Candy404 kcal4 hr 30 min
Pineapple Cake432 kcal1 hr 20 min
Nai Wong Bao - Steamed Custard Bun318 kcal35 min
Chinese Raspberry Snowflake Cake339 kcal2 hr 25 min
Chocolate Chinese Five - Spice Cake348.1 kcal2 hr
Fried Milk171 kcal1 hr
Sesame Seed Balls360 kcal30 min
Chinese Walnut Cookies545 kcal35 min
Fortune Cookies378 kcal30 min
Red Bean Bun265.2 kcal1 hr 40 min
Deep-Fried Durian74 kcal3 hr
Grass Jelly41 kcal12 min
Green Dumplings320 kcal3 hr
Water Chestnut Cake140 kcal40 min
Jujube Cake421 kcal1 hr
Osmanthus Cake509 kcal2 hr 10 min
Wan Dou Huang - Pea Flour CakeNA40 min
Egg - Yolk Puff230 kcal1 hr 10 min
Meat Floss Cake455 kcal55 min
Zongzi - Sweet Rice DumplingsNA2 hr 50 min
Double-Layer Steamed Milk CustardNA25 min
Wife Cakes334.37 kcal50 min
Chinese Pumpkin CakeNA40 min
Ba si di Gua394 kcal35 min
Chinese Sweet Potato Ginger Desser70 kcal25 min
Deep Fried Mantou276 kcal12 min
Fa GaoNA40 min

1. Almond Jelly

Calories (per 100g) – 149 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours 10 mins

Almond Jelly is one of China’s most popular desserts! You only need to combine condensed milk, ground almond & gelatin to make this Jelly delight, and you can serve it with fruit as a great palate cleanser!

Here’s how you can make it! –

2. Egg Tarts

Calories (per 100g) – 310 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 40 mins

Egg Tarts are my personal favorites! They’re aromatic tarts with smooth, glassy, eggy custard encased in a melt-in-your-mouth, delicious Pastry crust.

They taste the best when they’re warm, and you can eat them at any time of the day!

Try making them yourself! –

3. Mango Pudding

Calories (per 100g) – 47 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 10 mins

It’s Pudding like never before.

Creamy, smooth, and bursting with mango flavor with every bite, this pudding is simple yet sophisticated, making it the perfect dessert for when you have friends or family over!

Check out the recipe here! –

4. Soy Milk Pudding

Calories (per 100g) – 92.8 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 15 mins

It’s a smooth, soft dessert made with soy milk, soybean flour, & vanilla, firmed with gelatin.

It melts in your mouth, is healthier than most desserts, and it satisfies sweet cravings instantly.

Learn how you can make it! –

5. Eight Treasure Rice Pudding

Calories (per 100g) – 73.84 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 50 mins

New years is a big deal in Chinese culture, and so is this pudding! Prepared lovingly with sticky rice, 8 kinds of dried fruits, nuts, and red bean paste, this dessert is creamy, soft & immersed in flavor! Truly a must-have.

Try making it yourself! –

6. Tangyuan — Sweet Soup Balls

Calories (per 100g) – 367 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 35 mins

Tangyuan are round dumplings made during the end of Chinese New Year and have many variations! My favorite is the one filled with sugary, runny filling, served in a sweet ginger soup.

Mochi-like dumplings in sweet soup?? A textured delight!

Learn how you can make it –

7. Mooncake

Calories (per 100g) – 357 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 40 mins

Mooncakes have an overwhelming amount of fillings, ranging from lotus root to ice cream, each one better than the last, baked inside a thin, crumbly dough layer with an intricate design on the top.

They taste incredible and are our most recommended dessert by far!

DIY Recipe with my favorite YouTube! –

8. Mung Bean Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 318.6 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 day 1 hour

These tiny cakes are perfect for the summer! Made with lightly sweetened Mung Bean paste and matcha, these cakes are high in protein and hella refreshing when served cold.

Plus, they look impressive, perfect for parties or gifts!

Try making them! –

9. Sugar Coated Haws on a Stick

Calories (per 100g) – 326.2 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 15 mins

Also known as Tanghulu, this dessert is a popular street food throughout China! Wild fruits are strung together on bamboo sticks then dipped in a sugar syrup so you can have a crunchy, sweet & sour dessert whenever you like!

Try Them! –

10. Boba Tea

Calories (per 100g) – 50 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours 10 mins

Made of sweetened tea, milk, and chewy tapioca balls, this tea dessert is famous all around the world! The best part? You get to choose from a whole range of flavors and toppings, so, customize your tea however you like!

Learn how to make it! –

11. Chinese Steamed Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 267.2 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 35 mins

Beautifully named Ma Lai Go, this dessert is a triangle-shaped, spongy, steamed cake, typically found on dim sum carts throughout China!

Make it yourself! –

12. Chinese Egg Cakes

Calories (per 100g) – 275.7 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 30 mins

They’re tiny, aromatic, & delicious! Made by whipping an egg & sugar mixture till it’s nearly white, these mini cakes are absolutely adorable!

DIY Recipe –

13. Youtiao – Chinese Fried Doughnut

Calories (per 100g) – 696.5 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours 35 mins

Super yummy Chinese dough that’s light, airy & slightly chewy.

Pairs great with porridge, & is a famous breakfast too!

Check it out! –

14. Dragon’s Beard Candy

Calories (per 100g) – 404 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 4 hours 30 mins

It’s Chinese cotton candy! It’s a kind of pulled candy, with a crunchy, sweet peanut stuffing!

Try making it in different colors! –

15. Pineapple Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 432 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 20 mins

It’s a square, crumbly pastry encased around a creamy filling of pineapple jam! It looks great and tastes even better.

DIY Recipe! –

16. Nai Wong Bao – Steamed Custard Bun

Calories (per 100g) – 318 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 35 mins

This delicacy is a sweet dim sum! It’s soft, sweet, and filled with delicious yellow creamy custard!

Learn how to make it! –

17. Chinese Raspberry Snowflake Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 339 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours 25 mins

Made with raspberries, milk, potato starch, & coconut, the Snowflake Cake is sweet, sour, & delicious, all at the same time!

Try making it!

DIY Link-> Chinese Raspberry Snowflake Cake

18. Chocolate Chinese Five-Spice Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 348.1 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours

An exciting addition to flourless chocolate cake containing a spice blend made with cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise, & Sichuan peppercorns, also known as Chinese five-spice!

Make it yourself! Link-> Chocolate Chinese Five-Spice Cake

19. Fried Milk

Calories (per 100g) – 171 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour

It’s frozen pieces of custard, coated in breadcrumbs and fried in oil! It’s crispy, creamy, & a total flavor party in your mouth!

Try making it –

20. Sesame Seed Balls

Calories (per 100g) – 360 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 30 mins

With a crispy exterior coated with toasted sesame seeds, and a chewy, sweet interior thanks to the red bean filling, this dessert is beyond delicious!

Try Them! –

21. Chinese Walnut Cookies

Calories (per 100g) – 545 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 35 mins

Not-too-sweet cookies with flavorful walnut in every bite, topped with a perfect crunchy walnut on top, sounds beyond delicious to me!

Make them yourself! –

22. Fortune Cookies

Calories (per 100g) – 378 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 30 mins

Everyone loves Fortune Cookies! These crispy, delightful cookies might be a bit hard to make, but they’re delicious and totally worth the effort!

Check them out! –

23. Red Bean Bun

Calories (per 100g) – 265.2 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 40 mins

These Buns are pillowy-soft while being melt-in-your-mouth delicious! The smooth, sweet red bean paste on the inside gets better with every bite!

DIY Recipe –

24. Deep-Fried Durian

Calories (per 100g) – 74 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 3 hours

Creamy, exotic Durian mixed in with egg whites and sugar, coated in batter and deep-fried?? Yes, please!

Here’s how you can make them –

25. Grass Jelly

Calories (per 100g) – 41 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 12 mins

It’s a black Herbal, vegan Jelly! You just need cincau powder, sugar, cornstarch, & water. and

You can use it as a topping or eat it like a snack!

Try making it at home! –

26. Green Dumplings

Calories (per 100g) – 320 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 3 hours

They’re green sticky rice dumplings, filled with mugwort purèe that compliments the sweet mochi dough perfectly! And they indicate the arrival of spring!

Do try making them! –

27. Water Chestnut Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 140 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 40 mins

They’re yellow, transparent, sweet dim sums! Made from the popular Water Chestnut fruit, this chilled dessert is perfect for the summer!

Check out the recipe here! –

28. Jujube Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 421 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour

It’s a sponge cake with sticky, taffy-like consistency, & a pleasant roasted fragrance, made of dates & brown sugar!

You have to try it! –

29. Osmanthus Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 509 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours 10 mins

These sweet rice cakes and their delicious fragrance, chewy rice-cake texture, & balanced sweetness are almost too perfect!

check them out! –

30. Wan Dou Huang – Pea Flour Cake

Total Preparation Time 40 mins

Made using white peas, this cake is made during the summer to celebrate the arrival of spring! It’s a dense sweet cake that is so smooth it melts in your mouth!

Make it yourself! –

31. Egg-Yolk Puff

Calories (per 100g) – 230 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 1 hour 10 mins

It is salty egg yolks wrapped in sweet red bean paste (or lotus paste) covered in flaky pastry!

Try it yourself! –

32. Meat Floss Cake

Calories (per 100g) – 455 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 55 mins

Meat Floss of chicken or pork is sprinkled in between a delicious chiffon cake and used as garnishing so you can have the best of both sweet & salty!

DIY Recipe –

33. Zongzi – Sweet Rice Dumplings

Total Preparation Time – 2 hours 50 mins

They’re triangle-shaped steamed sweets made in bamboo leaves! Usually prepared with Chinese dates, red bean paste, & glutinous rice, this dish is a delicacy.

Try them! –

34. Double-Layer Steamed Milk Custard

Total Preparation Time – 25 mins

It’s steamed Creme Brûlée, and it’s easy to make! Made with milk & egg whites, this treat can be eaten hot or cold with toppings of fresh fruit!

Here’s how you can make it –

35. Wife Cakes

Calories (per 100g) – 334.37 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 50 mins

These cakes are a Chinese bakery classic! Made with flaky pastry stuffed with chewy, sweet winter melon filling, this sweet treat is highly recommended!

It’s easy, try them! –

36. Chinese Pumpkin Pie

Total Preparation Time – 40 mins

They’re crispy cakes with soft, yummy pumpkin filling on the inside! They’re lovely, colorful, and a must-have!

Try them! –

37. Ba si di Gua

Calories (per 100g) – 394 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 35 mins

They’re fried sweet potato bites covered in caramelized sugar!

They’re hard & crispy on the outside and soft & tender inside.

Try them! –

38. Chinese Sweet Potato Ginger Dessert Soup

Calories (per 100g) – 70 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 25 mins

I don’t generally drink soup but this is an exception.

It’s made with only 4 ingredients, is delicious, and healthily satisfies your sweet cravings!

Try making it! –

39. Deep-Fried Mantou

Calories (per 100g) – 276 kcal

Total Preparation Time – 12 mins

They’re crispy deep-fried Buns! They’re soft on the inside & are usually served with condensed milk.

DIY Recipe –

40. Fa Gao

Total Preparation Time – 40 mins

Also known as Prosperity Cake, this sweet dish is made during New Year, in China.

It’s fluffy, sweet & adorable, do try them!

Here’s how you can make them! –

In The End,

May you enjoy the cultural journey these dishes will take you on!

Do share this article with anybody who loves Chinese cuisine and is looking to add new dishes to their list of favorites!

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