Best Side Dishes for Catfish: 18 Fantastic Ones to Choose From


Quick Answer: What Side Dishes go Well With Catfish?

Some of the most delicious sides dishes to go with catfish are- Hush Puppies, Coleslaw, Braised Greens, Cilantro Lime Rice, French Fries, Fried Green Tomatoes, Corn on the Cob, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Cucumber Salad, Cornbread, Red Beans, Mac & Cheese, Fried Okra, Mashed Cauliflower, Fried Okra, Vegetable Salad, Spaghetti, and Fried Potato Wedges.

Here are 18 dishes that make a great side to a mouth-watering catfish. Serve this at your next gathering to impress your guests or have the combination alone and have a blissful experience!

Catfish can be fried or baked; no matter how you cook it, a good side dish is a must to highlight its flavors.

In this list, I have enumerated all those side dishes, which in my experience, tango well with catfish and satisfy one’s tongue and tummy.

Let’s begin with the first dish.

Side Dishes for Catfish- Quick Comparison

RecipeTotal Calories (per 100g)Total Preparation Time
1. Hush Puppies33720 minutes
2. Coleslaw15210 minutes
3. Braised Greens137.915 minutes
4. Cilantro Lime Rice 12225 minutes
5. French Fries32150 minutes
6. Fried Green Tomatoes15020 minutes
7. Corn on the Cob10615 minutes
8. Salt and Vinegar Chips 52765 minutes
9. Cucumber Salad5125 minutes
10. Cornbread33030 minutes
11. Red Beans127120 minutes
12. Mac & Cheese16430 minutes
13. Fried Okra18820 minutes
14. Mashed Cauliflowers6835 minutes
15. Fried Asparagus7017 minutes
16. Vegetable Salad7115 minutes
17. Spaghetti15840 minutes
18. Fried Potato Wedges306.740 minutes

1. Hush Puppies

Total calories (per 100g): 337
Total preparation time: 20 minutes

Hush puppies have a crunchy exterior and a tender flaky interior.

They are quite popular in southern meals because of their ‘savory, sweet, with a hint of spiciness’ flavor.

On the other hand, catfish has a mild and sweet flavor. Therefore catfish served with a side of hush puppies create a flavor balance and thus a heavenly meal.

Check out this yummy recipe by Tasty –

2. Coleslaw

Total calories (per 100g): 152
Total preparation time: 10 minutes

The easiest and simple yet satisfying side dish to go with catfish is coleslaw.

Shredded cabbages, chopped carrot, and some mayonnaise, and voila! you have a flavourful and refreshing side dish.

Quick tip: Add a bit of apple cider vinegar to the dressing for additional flavoring.

Here is a quick and easy recipe by Simply Mama Cooks

3. Braised Greens

Total calories (per 100g): 137.9
Total preparation time: 15 minutes

Braised greens are a great way to incorporate greens into your meal in a tasty way.

With a bit of olive oil, some bacon, onions, and a little magic dust of aromatics, your braised greens will be ready to be served as a side for your catfish.

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4. Cilantro Lime Rice

Total calories (per 100g): 122
Total preparation time: 25 minutes

Plain rice cooked with cilantro and lime juice has a very flamboyant taste which makes it a great side for catfish.

Catfish has a sweet and mild flavor and cilantro lime rice beautifully contrasts it with its vibrant flavors.

The robust flavor scheme created by this combination will leave you begging for more!

Here is a quick and yummy recipe by Inspired Taste-

5. French Fries

Total calories (per 100g): 321
Total preparation time:
50 minutes

Who can say no to French fries? French fries are the most popular side dish to have with your meals.

Their crunchy outside and fluffy inside texture and its sweet umami flavor make them a great side to have with catfish.

Quick note: Combine your French fries with the basic ketchup and mayonnaise or honey mustard sauce for additional flavoring.

Check out this easy to follow recipe by The Cooking Foodie-

6. Fried Green Tomatoes

Total calories (per 100g): 150
Total preparation time: 20 minutes

A tomato season delight, fried green tomatoes are great to serve on the side with the main dish during summers.

Fried green tomatoes have a tangy flavor and a fried crunchy coating. This dish, as a side, excellently complements the sweet and mild flavors of catfish.

Here is a quick and easy recipe by Babish Culinary Universe-

7. Corn on the Cob

Total calories (per 100g): 106
Total preparation time: 15 minutes

Corn on the cob is another popular item that can be served as a side to catfish.

It is easy to make and has a satisfying simplicity to its being. Its sweet and buttery flavor, enhanced by sprinkled salt, complements the mild and sweet flavor of catfish.

Quick tip: Corn the cob with roasted garlic dressing tastes heavenly!

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8. Salt and Vinegar Chips

Total calories (per 100g): 527
Total preparation time: 65 minutes

Chips make a great side dish by adding the much-needed crunch to the meal. Take this crunch experience to next level with salt and vinegar chips!

With a strong potato-ey and tangy flavor, salt and vinegar chips complement the sweet, mild, and moist taste of the catfish.

Have it with a cheesy jalapeno dip and enjoy your meal!

Here is a quick and easy recipe by TheCooknShare-

9. Cucumber Salad

Total calories (per 100g): 51
Total preparation time: 25 minutes

Cucumber salad is a quick and easy side dish to serve with catfish.

It had four ingredients — vinegar, sugar, salt, and onion— which makes this salad flavourful.

The tangy seasoning in the cucumber salad contrasts the sweetness of the catfish which makes it a great side dish for a catfish recipe.

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10. Cornbread

Total calories (per 100g): 330
Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Cornbread is a ‘native’ American dish that can be had as plain or sweet.

It is crumbly bread with a nice and crispy crust with a soft and dense interior. It complements dishes like catfish with its distinct flavor scheme and grainy texture.

Serve the cornbread with a bit of butter and honey to enhance its flavor.

Here is a yummy recipe by Food Wishes

11. Red Beans

Total calories (per 100g): 127
Total preparation time:
120 minutes

Simmered nice and slow with Cajun spices and sausages, red beans have salivating thick and creamy gravy.

Serve red beans with rice on the side of catfish and have a tummy-filling meal!

DIY recipe—

12. Mac & Cheese

Total calories (per 100g): 164
Total preparation time:
30 minutes

If you are planning for a comfy filling dinner for one, mac and cheese would make a great side to your catfish.

Mac & cheese is creamy, cheesy, and beyond delicious and makes a great companion to a fried catfish.

DIY recipe-

13. Fried Okra

Total calories (per 100g): 188
Total preparation time:
20 minutes

A southern comfort food side dish— fried okra, when made right, is a delight.

Fried okra is extremely crispy and flavourful as it is dipped in a batter of seasoned cornmeal and as a side dish, it complements catfish quite well.

DIY recipe-

14. Mashed Cauliflowers

Total calories (per 100g): 68
Total preparation time:
35 minutes

A healthy and more flavourful alternative to mashed potatoes— mashed cauliflowers is easier to make and is simply tasty.

When made with butter, garlic, sour cream, and parmesan, it becomes creamy and has a more vibrant flavor. Serve it alongside your catfish for a healthy chef’s kiss meal.

DIY recipe-

15. Fried Asparagus

Total calories (per 100g): 70
Total preparation time:
17 minutes

Batter-fried asparagus has a crunchy coating with crisp but tender asparagus inside.

The crunchiness of this dish makes it an incredible appetizer or side dish; when served with a bit of ranch dressing, it goes well as a side with catfish.

DIY recipe—

16. Vegetable Salad

Total calories (per 100g): 71
Total preparation time:
15 minutes

Vegetable salad has all the dimensions of texture—it is crisp, chewy, crunchy, and soft— and tastes incredibly fresh and light.

Serve with a dressing of your choice to add more flavor and it will go beautifully with catfish.

DIY recipe-

17. Spaghetti

Total calories (per 100g): 158
Total preparation time:
40 minutes

Make your spaghetti with a creamy tomato sauce or with the famous aromatic Bolognese sauce and serve it alongside catfish for a satisfying meal!

DIY recipe-

18. Fried Potato Wedges

Total calories (per 100g): 306.5
Total preparation time: 40 minutes

Potato side dishes go well with most of the dishes including catfish.

Fried potato wedges are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside; with a bit of sprinkled salt and ketchup, this easy side dish will be ready to be served with catfish.

DIY recipe-

Sauces That go With Catfish

Fried Catfish is a traditional southern dish.

Sauces that go great with fried catfish are Cajun Sauce, Parsley Sauce, Creole Tartar Sauce, Lemon Cream Sauce, Mint Sauce, and Rich Ketchup Sauce.

If you plan to bake your catfish, your sauce buddies will be Spicy Sour Cream Sauce, Dilled Horseradish Sauce, Marinara Sauce, Lemony Tahini Sauce, and Hollandaise sauce.

Drinks That Pair Up With Catfish

Fried fishes pair well with white wine. As for catfish, the best white wine to go with is Tuscan Vermentino of Maremma. The wine has a combination of floral and fruity flavors.

If you wish to have something bubbly, go for the classic sparkling wine. For cocktails, you can choose from the classics—Gin and tonic or Margarita.

Non-alcoholic drink suggestions would be—Sweet Tea, Coconut Lemonade, or cucumber coolers.

Desserts That go With Catfish

You can end your catfish feast on a sweet note by serving peach cobbler, Buttermilk-Lemon Chess Pie, or the classic Coconut Southern Comfort Cake.

Other cake options can include Lemon Cheesecake, Orange Upside Down Cake, or Strawberry Shortcake.

If you wish to serve something different, go with fruit kababs or Jello Salad.

To Sum Up

We hope this wholesome guide helped you in deciding what to serve as a side dish with catfish.

If you have any tips or suggestions, please let us know below.

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