7 Best Substitutes for Peanut Butter in Baking


Peanut butter is typically made from the ground; dry-roasted peanuts are the most common food spread or paste used in baking.

Peanut butter alters the flavor and provides an ooze of nutty flavor to most baked dishes such as cakes, pastries, cookies.

7 Best Substitutes for Peanut Butter in Baking

The best substitute for Peanut Butter in Baking are – Soynut Butter, Almond Butter, Macadamia Butter, Cashew Butter, Sunflower Butter, Nutella, and Peabutter. They are discussed in detail here –

Soynut Butter

Soy nut butter is a nut butter made from soybeans toasted, crushed, and mixed with soybean oil.

It is a gluten-free butter, vegan, and mostly does not cause nut allergy unless one has a soy allergy.

The butter has a mild nutty flavor with a thick, spreadable consistency.

Rich in proteins, Soy nut butter has low fats that help in aiding weight loss.


Soy nut butter is used in making soynut chip cookies, cakes, and pastries, providing an excellent substitute for Peanut butter.

Almond Butter

Almond butter is a nut butter food paste made from ground almonds.

This particular butter depending on its grinding can be consumed either raw or roasted.

It is rich in monounsaturated fats that help to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

It has a crunchy or smooth texture, with easy spreading quality and prominent almond flavor.


Almond butter has a naturally sweet flavor that compliments the baking good and is widely used for Peanut butter.

Macadamia Butter

Macadamia butter is a nut butter made from rich, cream-colored, round macadamia nuts now raised primarily in Hawaii.

The Macadamia seeds help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and is chock full of iron, copper (important for nervous system health), and fiber.

Macadamia butter has a luscious, fluffy texture and a buttery flavor.


Macadamia butter is used in making homemade cookies and confectionaries, substituting Peanut butter.

Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is another nut butter made from baked or roasted cashews into a food paste.

Extremely rich and heavy in consistency, Cashew butter has a buttery flavor.

Cashew butter oil and solids separate when stored.

Cashews contain high protein, fiber, monounsaturated fats, copper, selenium, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin E.


This certain butter lacks nuttiness compare to Peanut butter but works efficiently in baking butter cups, cookies, dream bars, and cakes.

Sunflower Butter

Sunflower seed butter or sunflower butter is a food paste made from the sunflower seed.

This luscious seed butter has a very subtle flavor, similar to soft Peanut butter.

It is more commonly used as a substitute for Peanut butter, as it is gluten-free, vegan, and tree nut or peanut allergen-free.


Sunflower butter is easily available and is used in baking chocolate cookies, cakes, or pastries.


Nutella is a sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread brand that Ferrero, an Italian company, manufactures .

Its key ingredients are sugar and palm oil (greater than 50%) and contain hazelnut at 13%, cocoa solids, and skimmed milk.

This particular product is not refrigerated in general as the sugar it contains acts as a preservative that binds the water to the product, preventing the microorganisms from growing.

Nutella and Peanut butter have similar textures, and Nutella is a great substitute in place of Peanut allergy.


Nutella is widely used in baking cookies, chocolates, pastries, and cakes.


Peabutter is made from brown peas is a food paste that acts as a substitute for peanut butter.

Unlike Peanut butter, Peabutter is gluten-free and cholesterol-free.

It has a small amount of hydrogenated oil and the presence of trans fat.


Peabutter is free from nuts and does not induce any allergy; it is used in baking cookies and cakes.


Can one use natural peanut butter for peanut butter cookies?

Yes, one certainly can; however, natural Peanut butter is unsalted in flavor and coarser in texture, so the dish shape and taste may vary.

How does peanut butter help in baking?

Peanut butter is a vegan butter that is rich in nutty flavor and a thick, spreadable texture. It joins the ingredients and provides a heavy consistency by imparting a nutty aroma and adding flavor to the baked good.

Bottom Line

Peanut butter is most famous among all the other butter that is used in most countries for baking.

However, many substitutes are available in place of Peanut butter for baking with similar use and taste. I hope this list helps find you your suitable replacement for Peanut butter.

Also, do share your experience and recipes in the comments section.

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