7 Best Substitutes for Skirt Steak


Skirt steak is a sharp thin, flavorful cut of meat typically marinated, further panned, or grilled.

It is distinctively long, flat, and famous for its flavor rather than tenderness but is, however, very expensive and may not be easily available everywhere.

7 Best Substitutes for Skirt Steak

The best substitute for Skirt Steak are – Flat Iron Steak, Flank Steak, Flap Steak, Hanger Steak, Beef Tenderloin, Ribeye Steak, and Strip Loin Steak. They are discussed in detail here –

Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steak, also known as butlers’ steak, feather blade steak, or oyster blade steak, is taken from the animal’s shoulder.

It is meatier in taste, as it is thicker in texture and generally more marbled compare to skirt steak.

Flat iron steaks typically have a significant amount of marbling.

As a skirt steak substitute, it is advised to sear it on high heat at first. And it is then heating at a lower temperature.


Flat iron steak is used to sell as a less expensive cut from the same animal; for example, Kobe beef making it an excellent substitute for Skirt steak.

Flank Steak

Flank steak, also known as London broil, is a steak cut from the animal’s abdominal muscles right behind its chest.

It is similar to skirt steak in shape and size, but it has a distinct grain running across each cut. Flank steak is considered chewier as it has lean meat.

When cooked correctly, Flank steak remains tender and light.

Flank steak has a delicious flavor as the area from which it’s cut a lot of blood flow.

Slow cooking is the best way to cook flank steak for several dishes, slow cooker flank steak tacos, steaks in gravy, Mongolian beef.


Flank steak is extremely versatile; it can be used in grilling, steaming, slow cooking, and more readily available than Skirt steak.

Flap Steak

Flap steak or flap meat is a steak cut from low-end beef and is obtained from a bottom sirloin butt cut of meat.

It is generally a very thin steak and has a wonderful meaty flavor and finer texture. It is also called sirloin tips in New England but is typically ground for hamburger or sausage meat globally.

Flap steak has extensive marbling making it juicier and more tender. It benefits from marinating and cooked on high, dry heat, whether grilled, broiled, pan-fried, or stir-fried.


Flap steak is generally inexpensive, thus a more affordable alternative to skirt steak.
It is a variedly used steak since it can be grill to eat as a main dish or slice it up for various Mexican-inspired meals.

Hanger Steak

A hanger steak, often known as butcher’s steak or hanging tenderloin, is a cut taken from the upper belly of the animal.

It resembles flank steak in texture and flavor and is usually the most tender cut on animals.

Similar to skirt steak, the hanger steak owns a slightly grainy texture rich in full flavor.

Hanger steak is advised to be cooked rare or medium-rare to prevent it from becoming rough and chewy.


Before cooking, Hanger steak benefits from a spice rub or marinade before cooking by emitting strong flavor and distinct texture.

Beef Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin, also known as filet mignon, fillet, and eye fillet, derives from the loin of the beef.

It is generally a more expensive alternative.

The beef tenderloin comprises little flavor, but it is extensively tender.


Beef tenderloin can be extremely versatile and can be grilled and thin-sliced making it an excellent substitute for skirt steak.

Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steak is a type of cut specifically taken out of beef from the muscle covering the entire rib section.

It is most popular in butcher and meat shops.

Ribeye steak has a tender texture’s taste, and aroma, making it so extremely popular.


Ribeye steak is used in various dishes such as fajitas for barbecues, beef sandwiches, salad toppings and is most commonly available in the market.

Strip Loin Steak

Strip loin steak or strip steak is another type of beef derived from the lower part of the beef loins.


Strip loin steak is extensively available in the market and can be variedly used in side dishes, fajitas, or marinades, making it an absolute substitute for skirt steak.


How do you tenderize skirt steak?

Marinating the skirt steak for several hours or overnights like lime juice or vinegar helps break down some of the meat fibers.

How should one cook skirt steak to make it tender?

Skirt steak has a more intense beefy flavor containing more tough muscles and should only be cooked to rare or medium-rare for the most tender texture.

Bottom Line

Skirt steak involves tougher cuts with much connective tissue; it’s still considered an excellent steak for grilling.

There are, however, many substitutes available in place of Skirt steak with similar taste.

I hope this list helps find you your suitable replacement, Skirt steak. Also, do share your experience and recipes in the comments section.

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