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Quick Answer: Best Swedish Desserts

The best Swedish desserts based on taste and tradition are Kladdkaka, Prinsesstarta, Semla, Kanelbulle, Ostkaka, Äppelkaka, Pannkakor, Lussekatter, Pepparkakor, Swedish Apple Pie, Knäck, Bärpaj, Swedish Almond Cake, Våfflor and others. Read to know more!

This article is a curated list of the best Swedish desserts along with their easy recipes.

Swedish desserts, like most European desserts, are typically baked items made with fresh local ingredients.

A lot of these authentic Swedish dishes (pardon the pun) are my favorites. I especially love cinnamon rolls, which happen to be invented in Sweden.

So, keep reading to learn more about these amazing Swedish desserts!

Best Swedish Desserts: Quick Table

RecipePreparation Time
Kladdkaka30 min
Prinsesstarta4 hrs
Semla50 min
Kanelbulle3 hrs
Ostkaka1 hr 10 min
Äppelkaka40 min
Pannkakor18 min
Lussekatter2 hr 45 min
Pepparkakor40 min
Swedish Apple Pie1 hr
Knäck1 hr
Bärpaj50 min
Swedish Almond Cake
1 hr
Våfflor30 min
Swedish Butter Cookies
35 min
Smulpaj35 min
Jordgubbstårta1 hr 20 min
Havreflarn24 min
Palsternackskaka1 hr
1 hr 30 min
1 hr 20 min
Swedish Blueberry Yogurt Cake1 hr 5 min
Klenät1 hr 50 min
Nyponsoppa2 hrs 20 min
Blåbärssoppa35 min
Rabarberkaka1 hr
Saffranspannkaka2 hrs 20 min
Chokladbiskvier1 hr 40 min
Rulltårta 20 min

1. Kladdkaka

Preparation Time: 30 min

Kladdkaka is a Swedish sticky chocolate cake that’s almost sinful.

Its gooey texture and decadent flavor wrap your tongue with blissful goodness. Each bite tempts you for one more.

You can decorate this cake with icing sugar dusting and sliced strawberries for a professional look.

DIY recipe for Kladdkaka – >

2. Prinsesstarta

Preparation Time: 4 hrs

One of Sweden’s most famous cakes, the Prinsesstarta is a layered sponge cake full of custard, jam, marzipan, and whipped cream. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds.

The fun green color on the outside makes it quite exciting to bite into.

It may take quite a while to prepare but just think of it like a princess getting ready for a ball.

DIY recipe for Prinsesstarta – >

3. Semla

Preparation Time: 50 min

Semlor is Sweden’s version of the Scottish cream bun.

Traditionally served on special occasions, Semla is warm, soft buns filled with generous helpings of whipped cream.

They taste best when dusted with some powdered sugar. Try making your batch for your next tea party.

DIY recipe for Semla – >

4. Kanelbulle

Preparation Time: 3 hrs

Probably the most authentic Swedish dessert you can get is Kanelbulle, or cinnamon buns. These spiced goodies combine the texture of soft, baked flour and earthy cinnamon flavors.

The dough tastes even better if you add crushed cardamom to it. Full of cinnamon packers sugar, these treats are an absolute delight!

DIY recipe for Kanelbulle- >

5. Ostkaka

Preparation Time: 1 hr 10 min

Ostkaka is a Swedish cheesecake decorated with sliced strawberries. Ost is the Nordic word for cheese.

Typically, Ostkaka is a bit less sweet than American cheesecake but it more than compensates with the taste of high-quality Scandinavian cottage cheese and almonds.

DIY recipe for Ostkaka – >

6. Äppelkaka

Preparation Time: 40 min

Another traditional Swedish dessert, Äppelkaka, or apple cake, is a simple and delicious snack for a coffee break.

The best thing about it is that there is no right or wrong way of making it!

With fresh and tart apples, you can make your Äppelkaka in any shape that you like.

DIY recipe for Äppelkaka – >

7. Pannkakor

Preparation Time: 18 min

Pannkakor, or classic Swedish pancakes, take very little time to make and are amazing. It’s so easy to cook that you might find various recipes printed onto flour packaging.

Serve them plain, with fruit, or a sinful dollop of whipped cream for a mouthwatering breakfast.

DIY recipe link Pannkakor

8. Lussekatter

Preparation Time: 2 hr 45 min

Lussekatter, or St. Lucia’s Saffron Buns, are another authentic Swedish baked dessert. Their beauty lies in the golden glow brought by the colours of saffron.

A Christmas favourite, Lussekatter has a cute S-shape with raisins tucked inside the spirals.

These are enjoyed on St. Lucia’s day on December 13th.

DIY recipe for Lussekatter – >

9. Pepparkakor

Preparation Time: 40 min

Pepparkakor is Swedish ginger cookies made with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and clove.

They have a crispy texture and spiced flavor that tastes great with a warm beverage.

You can cut them into any shape you like. However, since they’re usually baked during Christmas, Holiday-themed shapes are the best.

DIY recipe for Pepparkakor – >

10. Swedish Apple Pie

Preparation Time: 1 hr min

This is a traditional apple pie, typically baked with a cinnamon crust. It is both easy to make and delicious to eat.

The Swedish apple pie tastes best when made with crisp, tart apples. If possible, try to make it with fresh Granny Smith apples.

DIY recipe for Swedish Apple Pie – >

11. Knäck

Preparation Time: 1 hr

Knäck is a simple, yet delectable, Christmas caramel toffee admired in all Swedish households.

Add a crunchy texture with some chopped almonds or crushed candy canes.

DIY recipe for Knäck – >

12. Bärpaj

Preparation Time: 50 min

Bärpaj is a pie filled with berries. You can choose your favorite berries or an assortment for the filling.

Under the beautiful sandy, crust lie the glorious colors of freshly picked berries.

13. Swedish Almond Cake

Preparation Time: 1 hr

The Swedish Almond Cake is a classic traditional dessert in Sweden.

You only need one bowl to make this beautiful, light sponge.

Decorate the top with almond shavings and icing sugar.

DIY recipe for Swedish Almond Cake – >

14. Våfflor

Preparation Time: 30 min

Våfflor, or Swedish waffles, can be had as dessert or breakfast based on how sweet you want your mornings.

They are light, crunchy, and perfect when paired with jams, jellies, or whipped cream.

DIY recipe for Våfflor – >

15. Swedish Butter Cookies

Preparation Time: 35 min

Swedish Butter Cookies are so light and sweet, it’s impossible to stop at one.

You can bake a big batch and store it in an air-tight container in room temperature.

DIY recipe for Swedish Butter Cookies – >

16. Smulpaj

Preparation Time: 35 min

Smulpaj is a Swedish crumble pie, usually baked with berries or rhubarb and oats.

The crumbly texture of oats beautifully complements the sweetness of the filling inside.

DIY recipe for Smulpaj – >

17. Jordgubbstårta

Preparation Time: 1 hr 20 min

Jordgubbstårta is Sweden’s version of a strawberry shortcake.

The cream and strawberries on the outside go wonderfully with the soft, flavored sponge inside.

DIY recipe for Jordgubbstårta – >

18. Havreflarn

Preparation Time: 24 min

Havreflarn are Scandinavian ginger cookies that are lovely to munch on with tea.

They are made with oatmeal and are both crispy and buttery.

DIY recipe for Havreflarn – >

19. Palsternackskaka

Preparation Time: 1 hr

Palsternackskaka is a parsnip cake that can be augmented with lemon cream, orange frosting, or some other citric confectionary.

This cake is moist, lightly spiced, and not too sweet.

20. Daimtårta

Preparation Time: 1 hr 30 min

Daimtårta is also known as Swedish Daim Cake.

It uses Daim chocolate bars but that can be replaced with any toffee caramel.

Use hazelnuts oralmonds for a light crunch.

DIY recipe for Daimtårta – >

21. Toascakaka

Preparation Time: 1 hr 20 min

This is a Swedish apple cake with caramel almonds.

It tastes even better than its description. Due to its unique taste, Toascakaka is a rather big deal across Scandinavia.

DIY recipe for Toascakaka – >

22. Swedish Blueberry Yogurt Cake

Preparation Time: 1 hr 5 min

The Swedish Blueberry Yogurt Cake is sometimes called a Blueberry Toascakaka.

It takes the traditional Scandinavian recipe for Tosca Cake to create the same outer layer with a moist, rich blueberry inside.

DIY recipe for Swedish Blueberry Yogurt Cake – >

23. Klenät

Preparation Time: 1 hr 50 min

Klenät is the Swedish name for the more famous Danish Klejner. These are fried twists made usually during Christmas.

Klenät are deep-fried till they become golden and crispy.

DIY recipe for Klenät – >

24. Nyponsoppa

Preparation Time: 2 hrs 20 min

Nyponsoppa, or Rosehip Soup, is a sweet broth made with hard, ripe rosehips with good color.

It can be served both hot or chilled and will taste just as amazing.

DIY recipe for Nyponsoppa – >

25. Blåbärssoppa

Preparation Time: 35 min

Another soup for dessert is Blåbärssoppa or Blueberry Soup.

It warms you up in the cold winters of Scandinavia, while also satisfying your sweet tooth.

DIY recipe for Blåbärssoppa – >

26. Rabarberkaka

Preparation Time: 1 hr

Rabarberkaka is a Swedish cake made with rhubarb.

It has a light and fluffy sponge studded with the pinkish-red color of fresh rhubarb. It’s both simple and foolproof.

27. Saffranspannkaka

Preparation Time: 2 hrs 20 min

Saffranspannkaka are Sweden’s special tart featuring sweet and airy rice pudding and raisins.

It’s sweet but not too filling and can be eaten anytime.

DIY recipe for Saffranspannkaka – >

28. Chokladbiskvier

Preparation Time: 1 hr 40 min

Swedish Chocolate Meringue Cookies, or Chokladbiskvier, are delightful to look at and even better to bite into.

Under the dark brown outer layer of chocolate lies a crumbly meringue with a soft center.

DIY recipe for Chokladbiskvier – >

29. Rulltårta

Preparation Time: 20 min

Rulltårta is a Swedish rolled cake typically made with fresh raspberries.

It’s very easy to make and tastes best when served with vanilla whipped cream.


What are some traditional Swedish foods?

Here is a quick list of some classic and traditional Swedish food items.
Fried herring
Meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce
Shrimp sandwich
Korv stroganoff

What is Sweden’s national dish?

Sweden’s national dish is a plate of Köttbullar or spicy meatballs. These are traditionally served with creamy mashed potatoes and a sauce or gravy made with cucumber and lingonberries.

What is a typical Swedish lunch?

Most restaurants and homes in Sweden tend to serve a soup made with peas with some kind of waffles or pancakes topped with jams.

What is a typical Swedish breakfast?

A typical Swedish breakfast comprises a sandwich with some lean meats or bacon. The bread is crispy and served with butter, cheese, pickles, tomatoes, cucumber, and bell peppers.

What is a Swedish taco?

Swedish tacos, unlike authentic tacos, usually come from ready-made kits from the supermarket. The shells or tortillas are pre-cooked and come with pre-mixed spices and tubs of dips like guacamole or salsa.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you found an abundance of Swedish desserts with easy recipes in this blog.

When you try them out, let us know about your experience or any questions, comments, and feedback you may have.

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