10 Lip Smacking Desserts To Go With Soup


Quick Answer: Best Desserts to go With Soup

A warm comforting dish like soup calls for equally delicious dessert recipes. Serve fall classics like apple carrot cakes, apple strudels, sweet potato pie, or a pumpkin pie dump cake with soup. Alternatively, for a refreshing finish to the meal, pair soup with frozen yogurt pies, fruit galettes, or even a fresh fruit salad.

This list will help you find the perfect soup and dessert pairing.

After researching the best matches for desserts to go with soup comprehensively, this list has covered the most popular choices across the world.

Let’s get right into it.

Best Desserts To Go With Soup: Quick Table

RecipeCaloriesPreparation Time
Apple Carrot Cake386 (per serving)50 min
Fruit Galette261 (per 100g)1 hr 30 min
Fresh Fruit Salad57 (per 100g)15 min
Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake434 (per serving)1 hr
Chocolate Marshmallow Nut Bars196 (per serving)5 hr
Apple Strudel 195 (per serving)1 hr 35 min
Dark Chocolate Brownies559 (per serving)45 min
Blueberry Muffins383 (per serving)40 min
Sweet Potato Pie389 (per serving)2 hr 20 min
Frozen Yogurt Pie317 (per 100g)30 min

1. Apple Carrot Cake

Total calories (per serving): 386

Preparation time and cook time: 50 minutes

The apple carrot cake is a comforting, old-fashioned recipe that is a great way to use up some apples and carrots on hand. The moist and buttery cake combined with the flavors of apple, cinnamon, and carrot go perfectly together.

Apple carrot cake is best served with a cream cheese frosting and a topping of chopped walnuts.

Here is a DIY recipe:

2. Fruit Galette

Total calories (per 100g): 261

Total preparation time: 1 hour 30 minutes

The fruit galette is a rustic and simple recipe that can be modified to use up whatever fruits you have on hand. Pastry dough is wrapped around a sugary concoction of jammy fruits in no particular shape, making it suitable for beginners.

The dish is baked to golden brown perfection before serving warm.

Here is a DIY recipe:

3. Fresh Fruit Salad

Total calories (per 100g): 57

Total preparation time: 15 minutes

A fresh fruit salad is the simplest no-cook dessert to serve. It is also healthy and contains many flavors and textures like sweet, tangy, zesty, and sour, depending on the fruits you use.

A fresh fruit salad is great for outdoor events like picnics or barbeques. It is best served chilled.

Here is a DIY recipe:

4. Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake

Total calories (per serving): 434

Total preparation time: 1 hour

The dump cake gets its name from the fact that the ingredients are all dumped and mixed in one bowl before baking. Adding a pumpkin twist to a dump cake makes for a fun and easy fall dessert with minimal clean-up.

Serve with a swirl of whipped cream or candied pumpkins fresh out of the oven.

Here is a DIY recipe:

5. Chocolate Marshmallow Nut Bars

Total calories (per serving): 196

Total preparation time: 5 hours

Chocolate marshmallow nut bars are a modern twist on classic nut bars. The chocolate adds richness, and the sweet and gooey baked marshmallows make for a delicious treat.

This dessert is also great to serve on the go and can be stored easily to consume later.

Make in large batches to serve at outdoor and casual parties or save up for a late-night snack.

Here is a DIY recipe:

6. Apple Strudel

Total calories (per serving): 195

Total preparation time: 1 hour 35 minutes

The classic apple strudel contains a spiced apple filling with a buttery flaky crust baked on top. It can be enhanced with walnuts, almonds, and rum-soaked raisins. The filling is flavored with ground cinnamon for a warm fall recipe.

Apple strudel is best served with vanilla ice cream or dusted generously with powdered sugar.

Here is a DIY recipe:

7. Dark Chocolate Brownies

Total calories (per serving): 559

Total preparation time: 45 minutes

Brownies are a guaranteed crowd favorite recipe that is quick to whip up. Make moist and fudgy brownies that are crispy on the outside and feature a deep, rich chocolate flavor by using good quality chocolate to step up your brownie game.

Top with powdered sugar or roasted nuts before serving warm.

Here is a DIY recipe:

8. Blueberry Muffins

Total calories (per serving): 383

Total preparation time: 40 minutes

Blueberry muffins are moist, buttery, and fresh with the tanginess of blueberries. Made with a few handy ingredients, these muffins are easy to whip up in a pinch. For extra deliciousness, you can add a cinnamon-sugar crumb topping.

These muffins can be eaten as breakfast or a snack apart from dessert.

Here is a DIY recipe:

9. Sweet Potato Pie

Total calories (per serving): 389

Total preparation time: 2 hours 20 minutes

The sweet potato pie is a traditionally loved fall dessert. The silky smooth sweet potato filling is topped on a perfectly baked buttery pie crust.

The filling is spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and other warm fall spices to give it a uniquely comforting taste.

Serve with a dollop of whipped cream.

Here is a DIY recipe:

10. Frozen Yogurt Pie

Total calories (per 100 grams): 317

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

This dessert is a healthy alternative to the traditional pie; this dessert consists of a frozen yogurt filled with fruit toppings in a pie crust.

Frozen yogurt pie is a light, cool, and refreshing dessert perfect for summer events or after a heavy meal.

Here is a DIY recipe:

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