30 Lipsmacking Spanish Side Dishes


Quick Answer: What are the best Spanish side dishes?

Some of the yummiest Spanish side dishes are— Salads like Ensaladilla Rusa, Spanish Bean Salad, Spanish Mixed Green Salad, Spanish Broccoli and Shrimp Salad, Spanish Chickpea Salad, Spanish Roasted Red Pepper Salad and others. Read to know more!

Here are 30 sensational Spanish side dishes that will mesmerize your tongue and satisfy your heart.

Each of these side dishes carries the essence of Spanish cooking and presents a wide variety of flavors and textures.

My friend’s mom used to be a chef at a Spanish restaurant, back in her days, and I grew up eating at her home; hence my fascination with Spanish cuisine.

With the utmost kindness, she assisted me today in putting together this list of the most popular Spanish side dishes.

So let’s begin, shall we?

Recipes Total Calories
(per 100g)
Total Preparation
Spanish Rice8745 min
Papas Arrugadas10020 min
Ensaladilla Rusa
14345 min
Patatas Bravas
21290 min
Menestra De Verduras
4950 min
Tombet NA90 min
Patatas a la Pobre
6730 min
Pisto10680 min
Escalivada213100 min
Pure de Papas8825 min
Mojo 14410 min
Calamari17540 min
Gazpacho Soup1925 min
Spanish Bean Salad
1285 min
Spanish Mixed Green Salad
NA30 min
Piperade9430 min
Pan Con Tomate157.610 min
Spanish OlivadaNA25 min
Spanish Broccoli and Shrimp Salad
NA25 min
Spanish Marinated Carrots
NA275 min
Spanish Widowed PotatoesNA50 min
Spanish Mushroom with Garlic
13815 min
Spanish Chickpea Salad
13115 min
Zucchini Soup1832 min
Samfaina55240 min

1. Spanish Rice

Total calories (per 100g): 87
Total preparation time: 45 minutes

The flavors of Spain are embodied by this rice.

Spanish Rice is crafted from long-grain rice that is sautéed with garlic and flavored with tomato sauce, cumin, and chicken broth.

This masterpiece is completed by the addition of salt and pepper.

Also known as Arroz Rojo, this dish has an appetizing reddish hue and is perfect for someone who seeks to indulge in some delicious rice.

Here is a quick recipe by CookingBoom

2. Papas Arrugadas

Total calories (per 100g): 100
Total preparation time: 20 minutes

Papas Arrugadas, casually known as Spanish Wrinkled Potatoes, is a wholesome treat made with the least effort and minimum ingredients.

This dish is made with two ingredients— potatoes and salt; the baby potatoes are boiled with their skins in salty water.

Once the water evaporates, it leaves behind a wrinkled skin texture and layer of salt that flavors the dish.

Serve it with a hearty meat dish.

Check out this recipe by Spain on a Fork

3. Ensaladilla Rusa

Total calories (per 100g): 143
Total preparation time: 45 minutes

No cuisine is complete without its own version of potato salad.

Ensaladilla Rusa is a delectable Spanish potato salad that owes its flavors to potatoes, carrots, peas, tuna, boiled eggs, and aioli dressing.

This creamy delicacy is a must during the holidays and festivities and can be prepared by a number of methods.

Pickles, shrimps, and cappers can be added for more flavors.

Here is a simple recipe by Spain on a Fork

4. Patatas Bravas

Total calories (per 100g): 212
Total preparation time: 90 minutes

Nothing is more pleasing to a gluttonous heart than a plate of fried potatoes.

Patatas Bravas is a popular fried side dish in Spain consisting of merely two components— potatoes and a spicy sauce.

The potatoes are cut into small chunks and then deep-fried in oil; then these delicious fries are serenaded by a bright red sauce.

The sauce has a mild spice level and tastes delectable.

Check out this delicious recipe by Food Wishes

5. Menestra De Verduras

Total calories (per 100g): 49
Total preparation time: 50 minutes

Menestra De Verduras is a special Spanish vegetable soup prepared from the available vegetables, beans, chicken stock, and spices.

This classic soup is not bland like the other vegetable soup; the vegetables and spices used in this recipe deliver a flavor-packed taste.

With a dash of sherry vinegar, Spanish olives, cracked pepper, and some salt— this soup will become your ultimate go-to for the winters.

6. Tombet

Total preparation time: 90 minutes

Tombet or Tumbet is a traditional Spanish dish prepared by layering pre-fried sliced vegetables and then baking them.

Its recipe generally calls for potatoes, aubergines, and bell peppers but you can use any seasonal veggies.

It is flavored with dried oregano, bay leaves, garlic, honey, and some sea salt.

Serve it with a fine dish prepared from lamb/ fish and enjoy!

Check out this easy recipe by Recipes from Spain

7. Patatas a la Pobre

Total calories (per 100g): 67
Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Patatas a la Pobre translates to Poor Man’s Potatoes and is a distinguished dish from the southern regions of Spain.

Crafted from potatoes and bell pepper, this dish derives its flavors from garlic, onion, olive oil, and salt.

It was popular among the peasants during famines as the ingredients used were easily available— this is excellent for those who lead a busy life.

Here is a simple recipe by Spain on a Fork

8. Pisto

Total calories (per 100g): 106
Total preparation time: 80 minutes

If you like the French ratatouille then this Spanish version of it will amaze you!

Pisto is an iconic Spanish vegetable stew fashioned out of aubergines, tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, and some olive oil.

It has a deep, intense flavor scheme created by the beautiful medley of all the natural flavors plus the olive oil.

It is best served with some a fried egg or on the side of a meaty dish.

Check out this easy recipe by Spain on a Fork

9. Escalivada

Total calories (per 100g): 213
Total preparation time: 100 minutes

This Catalan dish is not like your regular roasted vegetable dish.

Escalivada is typically prepared from eggplants, peppers tomatoes, and onions that have been peeled, seasoned, and roasted.

It can be said to be a smoky flavored salad as its original recipe demands the veggies to be roasted on hot embers.

This beautifully complements grilled meat as a side dish. For vegetarians, pair it with some crusty bread.

Here is a quick recipe by AusiasPomes

10. Pure de Papas

Total calories (per 100g): 88
Total preparation time: 25 minutes

Pure de Papas is the Spanish version of basic mashed potatoes but with a difference— it has more flavors to offer.

This mashed potato is made into a flavorful delight by the addition of Spanish paprika and garlic.

Some recipes also allow the inclusion of manchego cheese which makes these potatoes even more delicious.

It tastes best when paired with roasted beef or served with grilled pork.

Check out this recipe by Spain on the Fork

11. Mojo

Total calories (per 100g): 144
Total preparation time: 10 minutes

Mojo is a special Canarian sauce that makes everything to which it is added flavorful and inviting.

It’s a green vibrant sauce that imparts a tangy, garlicky taste and is made essentially from cilantro, lime juice, garlic, and jalapenos.

DIY recipe—

12. Calamari

Total calories (per 100g): 175
Total preparation time: 40 minutes

In Spain, Calamari refers to fried squid rings.

This crunchy and utterly delightful dish is crafted from squid, flour, lemon juice, milk, olive oil, and Spanish paprika seasoning.

Zesty in taste and crispy in texture, this side dish is a must-try!

DIY recipe—

13. Gazpacho Soup

Total calories (per 100g): 19
Total preparation time: 25 minutes

This one is the quintessential cold soup in Spanish cuisine.

Made during the summers, when the tomatoes are at the prime of their flavors— Gazpacho is a fresh soup prepared from self-grown products.

Cucumber, bell peppers, garlic, and onions are also essential elements in this recipe.

DIY recipe—

14.Spanish Bean Salad

Total calories (per 100g): 128
Total preparation time: 5 minutes

This is the perfect side dish to prepare when you are running low on time.

Creamy white beans are tossed with veggies, sliced shallots, and garlic in olive oil, sherry vinegar, and then seasoned with smoked paprika.

Spanish Bean Salad will definitely become your go-to!

DIY recipe—

15. Spanish Mixed Green Salad

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Traditionally known as Ensalada Mixta, this salad is a must during special meals.

Spanish Mixed Green Salad is a beautiful mix of all the greens with tomato, onions, white asparagus, olives, tuna, and artichoke hearts.

This is an excellent summer side dish option.

16. Piperade

Total calories (per 100g): 94
Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Piperade is a mildly spiced vegetable stew made from bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and onion.

It is flavored with paprika and espelette peppers which gives a mild tone of heat to this dish.

It tastes great when served besides meat or fish dish.

DIY recipe—

17. Pan Con Tomate

Total calories (per 100g): 157.6
Total preparation time: 10 minutes

Pan Con Tomate means ‘bread with tomato’.

It is fashioned from fresh ripe tomatoes and garlic whose flavors are accentuated by the extra virgin olive oil and salt.

This mix is spread over a hearty piece of bread and appreciated for its simple presence.

DIY recipe—

18. Spanish Olivada

Total preparation time: 25 minutes

Spain is home to a variety of olives and hence its presence in most Spanish dishes.

Similar to French Tapenade, this olive paste is flavored with cracked black pepper, garlic, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of salt.

It’s a pleasure to have it atop some toasted bread!

DIY recipe—

19. Spanish Broccoli and Shrimp Salad

Total preparation time: 15 minutes

Put together in around 15 minutes, this salad holds the Spanish flavors in its warm embrace.

The textures and flavors of broccoli and shrimp gorgeously tango in this salad.

And the typical dressing used gives it a limey and garlicky flavor.

DIY recipe here>

20. Spanish Marinated Carrots

Total preparation time: 275 minutes

Also known as Zanahorias Aliñadas, this Spanish side dish may take some time— but it’s all worth it.

Simply put, this marinated carrot recipe asks for the carrots to be boiled and then marinated with garlic and spices in sherry vinegar.

DIY recipe—

21. Spanish Widowed Potatoes

Total preparation time: 50 minutes

Yet another Spanish potato dish with its unique existence (and also a unique name?!?)

Spanish Widow Potatoes have a rich texture and complementing flavors contributed by saffron and smoked Spanish paprika.

The broth in it brings together all the flavors to make this dish wholesome.

DIY recipe—

22. Spanish Mushroom with Garlic

Total calories (per 100g): 138
Total preparation time: 15 minutes

Locally called the ‘Ajillo Mushrooms’ is delicious and quick to make a side dish.

The combination of mushroom and garlic is already heart-winning; but when flavored with cayenne, olive oil, and pepper— it turns just irresistible.

DIY recipe—

23. Spanish Chickpea Salad

Total calories (per 100g): 131
Total preparation time: 15 minutes

A refreshing salad for summers.

Spanish Chickpea Salad has plenty of textures and flavors to deliver with components like tender chickpeas and summer veggies.

A delightful dressing made of sherry vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and salt is what makes this salad unique.

DIY recipe—

24. Zucchini Soup

Total calories (per 100g): 18
Total preparation time: 32 minutes

Crema de Calabacin is a Spanish zucchini soup known for its addictively creamy texture and exquisite flavor.

With an appetizing light green color, this soup can be served hot or cold.

For a better experience, top it with croutons or chopped nuts.

DIY recipe—

25. Samfaina

Total calories (per 100g): 55
Total preparation time: 240 minutes

This is a Catalan-Valencia special dish prepared from aubergines and courgette.

Samfaina is a vegetable stew where the aforementioned ingredients are fried with onions, garlic cloves, and tomatoes in olive oil.

It is a typical companion of a meat-based dish.

26. Chistorra

Total calories (per 100g): 455

Chistorra hails from the Navarra region of Spain.

It is special cold meat prepared from minced pork mixed with paprika, garlic, and salt.

It can be prepared in several ways, though popularly it is either cooked in red wine or as chistorra pincho.

DIY recipe—

27. Spanish Cauliflower

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

It is usually paired up with a Spanish Omelette.

Spanish Cauliflower is a delectable dish with an appetizing golden hue and is packed with Spanish flavors.

The key flavoring agents in this recipe are sweet smoked paprika, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil; and obviously a sprinkle of sea salt.

DIY recipe—

28. Spanish Roasted Red Pepper Salad

Total preparation time: 40 minutes

If you haven’t tasted this yet then you’re in for a treat!

Spanish Roasted Red Pepper Salad is packed with flavors and beautiful colors. It has an authentic Spanish taste with its sweet red peppers and smoked paprika.

The sherry vinegar adds a sharp flavor to this medley.

DIY recipe—

29. Spanish Rice Salad

Total calories (per 100g): 120
Total preparation time: 40 minutes

Ensalada de Arroz, or the Spanish Rice Salad, is a filling side dish that has a lot of flavors to offer.

With the addition of bell peppers, peas, and beans, this colorful side dish gets a variety of textures.

It’s a great choice for potlucks.

DIY recipe—

30. Spanish Yellow Rice

Total calories (per 100g): 95
Total preparation time: 30 minutes

Popularly known as Arroz Amarillo— Spanish Yellow Rice is a well-loved dish in most Spanish kitchens.

The soft and fluffy rice is prepared from long-grain rice that is cooked with aromatics and with a yellow coloring agent like turmeric or saffron.

DIY recipe—

The Bottom Line

We hope this wholesome guide introduced you to some of the most delicious Spanish side dishes.

If you have any tips or suggestions, please let us know below!

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