What Does Geoduck Taste Like?


Quick Answer: What Does Geoduck Taste Like?

Geoducks have a uniquely mild sweet and crunchy flavor, unlike clams and mollusks, with a slight punch of the salty oceanic taste at the end of putting it into your tummy. For those who are aversive to the fishy seafood taste, geoduck is your choice that’s devoid of the fishy smell. Moreover, cooked geoducks enhance the flavor rather than the raw ones. 

So, why wait? Continue reading to delve your pallets into the geoduck taste!

What is Geoduck?

Geoduck (spelled as “Gooey duck”) is a variety of clams with a long neck, otherwise called the siphon.

The long necks have two openings. The first is to breathe in oxygen and feed on phytoplankton, and the other is to release excess water.

Since they have elongated bodies with small shells, they go classified under the burrowing category.

They thrive in muddy, sandy, and sedimented areas, especially on the West coast of America, and range from Alaska to Canada.

What Does Geoduck Taste Like?

Geoduck has a sweet, clear taste, unlike other clams from the ocean. The taste of raw geoduck has a crunch taste resembling a clam. It is devoid of a fishy flavor and has a dominant ocean taste.

Moreover, the taste of geoduck gets enhanced if it goes into a recipe with deep spices. Also, it has a strong flavor, and if it’s not cooked correctly, you can expect a lump of chewy meat.

To simplify further, if you have tasted oysters, you will get hold of a geoduck taste. Additionally, it gives more flavor if it gets boiled in butter, a known method.

Nevertheless, Cioppino (a tomato-based dish) tastes best with geoducks because both the similar in flavor and the saltiness from natural brine. 

However, few people advise you to bite into geoducks slowly to get the flavor dash in every part of your tastebud. Some records say 90% of geoducks get shipped to China. 

It is famous, especially in Hong Kong and Japan, where they cook in the fondue-style hot pot or sashimi style dipping in soy sauce or wasabi.

Here’s a video to get a better hold of the geoduck taste onto your tastebuds:

What is the Texture of Geoduck?

The unique delicate and crunchy texture separates it from the rest of the mollusk family. It also has a clear surface that differentiates it from the crispiness clams give you.

Moreover, inside your mouth, you get a juicy and chewy texture. The texture alters depending on your tenderness requirements and how you cook them. 

To get a first-hand experience of the geoduck texture, click the link:

Are Razor Clams And Geoducks The Same?

No! They are not the same. Though they hail from the same family, there are unseen differences between them in size and taste. 

Check up this small table to understand better.

Difference Based onRazor clamsGeoducks
Size15 cm91 cm
TasteSoft, chewy, slightly tangy, and sweet with a pinch of metallic taste. Also, cooking alters the flavor.Savory, crispy, sweet with a salty punch in between. It is delicious if it goes into cooking.

Can People Eat Geoducks?

Yes, geoducks are edible for humans.

Arsenic levels are essential to note the safety of consuming this shellfish.

Washington Department of Health pronounced that geoduck clams found along the zone outside Federal Way are safe for consumption.

Ensure to clean and trim to get the flesh. It is alright to consume it raw, or if you want to give a tasty twist to your shellfish, add the meat to your recipe.

Are Geoducks Good for You?

Yes! Eating geoducks have numerous health-boosting properties. 

Some of the health supplements from geoducks are:

  • Omega 3 fatty acid for a healthy heart, structuring cell membranes, and boosts immunity.
  • Vitamin B12 aids in developing healthy blood and nerve cells and is an antidote for megaloblastic anemia in your body.
  • Proteins assist in promoting red blood cell formation, bodybuilding, and energy production.
  • Amino acids repair damaged tissues and develop holistic body functions.

Apart from the benefits, geoducks also contain a little bit of saturated fat that develops bad cholesterol in the body.

So, ensure moderate consumption.

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