What to Serve with Fish Cakes? 10 Options to Choose From!


Quick Answer: What to Serve with Fish Cakes?

Certain scrumptious sides to complement your risotto and match the demands of your taste buds are – Green Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Steamed Asparagus, Baked Beans, Classic French Fries, Baked Potatoes, Tartar Sauce, Roasted Veggies, Rice, and Bread and Butter.

This post brings you 10 awesome side dishes that go flawlessly well with fish cakes to develop a flavorsome meal.

I personally admire experimenting with my meals and have tried all these sides, and they complement my fish cakes extremely well.

So, aren’t you amazed to try some mouth-watering sides? Let’s dive in:

1. Green Salad

Time taken to prepare: 30 minutes

Green salad is that refreshing bowl of nutrients that isn’t just vivid but also crunchy and scrumptious.

You can customize your dish by adding your chosen veggies and fruits to add some sweetness and pulp.

When you settle for fish cakes, try pairing it with green salad so that you don’t miss out on that juiciness and zing.

Try this instant and easy to cook food recipe as Flavour of Desi Food guides your way at every step via this video:

2. Sweet Potato Fries

Time taken to prepare: 45 minutes

Here come sweet potato fries to drive away your boredom if you’re just done with the classic French fries alliance with fish cakes.

With their tender interior and crispy exterior, sweet potato fries form an evergreen side for fish cakes.

The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes can be coupled with the right spices to add some zing and flavor that is more appealing than before.

Make this convenient to follow food recipe by Crouton Crackjacks for crafting your perfect sweet potato fries the very first time you try it:

3. Steamed Asparagus

Time taken to prepare: 10 minutes

Steamed asparagus is a fantastic side dish to regulate your caloric intake while you decide to relish a mammoth-sized fish cake.

Get the entire stalks of asparagus, slip them into boiling water till it turns soft and creamy, and add seasonings of your choice to suit your taste.

Learn the fine art of preparing steamed asparagus with nominal ingredients that generate loads of flavor and nourishment via this video from Foods101withDeronda:

4. Baked Beans

Time taken to prepare: 30 minutes

Baked beans are a saucy and flavorful side to complement your fish cakes.

You can use any of your personal favorites here for the baked beans part of this recipe: French beans, kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, cannellini beans, and haricot beans.

You can add a variety of sauces to generate either a sweet, smoky, spicy, or tangy taste to the otherwise bland beans.

These are baked and hence are bound to impart nutrition to your body as they melt in your mouth.

This amazing recipe from Rekha Kakkar will assist you in your new cooking endeavor and will make you swept off your feet with baked beans just the way you love fish cakes:

5. Classic French Fries

Time taken to prepare: 60 minutes

One can never go wrong while paring fish cakes with the evergreen French fries.

With their piping hot interior and crunchy exterior, classic French fries form an incredible side dish for fish cakes.

The natural blandness of potatoes can be coupled with the right spices to add some zing and flavor that is more appealing than before.

Make this easy food recipe by viewing Flavours of Food for crafting your perfect French fries the very first time you try your hands on it:

6. Baked Potatoes

Time taken to prepare: 60 minutes

Baked potatoes add the right softness and creaminess to your fish cakes with their fine and smooth texture that’s simply hard to resist.

You get to experiment and add the spices of your choice to jazz things add and customize your side dish.

Opt for baked potatoes for days when you’re exhausted of chewing as they would simply melt in your mouth and directly your gut, leaving behind a flavor to reminisce forever.

Try something new that melts in your mouth by getting inspiration from this awesome recipe from Spice Bangla:

7. Tartar Sauce

Time taken to prepare: 10 minutes

Tartar sauce is known to combine exceptionally well with seafood due to its creamy texture and aromatic flavor.

Mayonnaise is the major ingredient in tartar sauce that imparts a smooth and rich texture to the sauce.

Served chilled with piping hot fish cakes, makes it a deadly combination that enters your mouth.

Try this irresistible fish cake and tartar sauce combo at home with the assistance of this recipe from Sweet y Salado:

8. Roasted Veggies

Time taken to prepare: 30 minutes

When veggies go through the grill and heat, they culminate themselves into crunchy and crispy entremets.

Add spices of your choice and witness an enchanting experience.

You can customize your dish by adding your chosen veggies and fruits to add some sweetness and pulp.

When you settle for fish cakes, try pairing them with seasoned roasted veggies so that you don’t miss out on that vibrance and aroma.

Try this instant and easy to cook food recipe as Rajshri Foods guides your way at every step via this video:

9. Rice

Time taken to prepare: 30 minutes

Rice is a broad term to define anything that uses it as a primary ingredient in the recipe.

Here you have the choice to add any of your chosen ingredients along with rice and keep experimenting with your fish cake sides that involve rice.

You can add veggies, chicken, meat, mushrooms, cheese, lemon, or other fish variants to relish every bite.

You can try Continental, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, or Italian.

Prepare an exotic side dish for your fish cakes using rice via this instant and super fun recipe from HomeCookingShow:

10. Bread and Butter

Time taken to prepare: 5 minutes

Bread and butter, as simple as it sounds, as experimental as it gets.

You can opt for a slice of bread coated with butter or curate a sweet dish out of it to complement your spicy hot fish cakes.

It’s up to you whether to relish crunchy hard bread or soft and tender ones to match the occasion and your mood.

You can either simply apply butter on bread and munch it along with fish cakes or reinvent it by visiting this simple recipe from Food Rewind:

A Peek into the Fish Cake Universe

Fish cakes are primarily crafted using two ingredients fish and potatoes.

They are mashed and religiously blended to form a uniform consistency.

A fine batter is formed mixing the spices into the potato-fish blend and are deep-fried until golden brown and crispy.

Breadcrumbs are used to coat the batter that forms the outer crunchy layer of the fish cake post frying.


How to select a side dish for fish cakes?

Side dishes are used to boost the flavor of your existing meal and make it more happening. Depending upon your choice of taste and consistency, you can opt for any of the above-listed side dishes.

It is always a great idea to experiment and append new side dishes to your list.

What are the main ingredients in fish cakes?

In fish cakes, the majority of the ingredients are utilized by the fish variant and potatoes along with a coat of breadcrumbs that forms an outer layer for frying.

Which beverages should we opt for to complement fish cakes?

Beverages ranging from alcoholic to non-alcoholic and cold to hot can add a wholesome taste to your fish cakes, examples of which include beer, cocktails, wine, aerated drinks, cold coffee, iced tea, milkshakes, and piping hot black tea or coffee can complement fish cakes exceptionally well.

Which fish is ideally used for preparing fish cakes?

Fish cakes are ideally prepared from cuttlefish or Corvina as it contains nominal fat. This is because fatty fish aren’t suitable for cooking fish cakes.

Which cheese is best suited for fish cakes?

Fish cakes go well with any cheese variants like gruyere, cheddar, pecorino, mozzarella, Emmental, gouda, parmesan, and mascarpone.

These cheeses melt and blend religiously with the food stuffing when cooked at high temperatures.

What is the average caloric content of fish cakes?

The average caloric content of fish cakes is 241 calories. So, you can opt for a side dish that doesn’t exceed your daily calorie requirements to consume a balanced meal.

Bottom Line

We hope this article was worthwhile and will assist you while choosing your next side dish for your upcoming party or get-together.

Do keep us updated regarding your go-to side dish for fish cakes via the comments section, and don’t forget to share this insightful piece with your loved ones.

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