What to Serve with Lobster Tails: 17 Best Side Dishes


Quick Answer: What to Serve with Lobster Tails?

The best side dishes to serve with Lobster Tails are- Baked Potato, Lobster Bisque, Mac and Cheese, Butter, Green Salad, Roasted Cauliflower, Baked Risotto, Steamed White Rice, Coleslaw, Pasta Salad, Corn on the Cob, Veggie Fries, Steamed Clams and Mussels, French Baguettes, Potato Salad, Cheesy Biscuits and Clam Chowder.

In this post, we are going to talk about the best side dishes that you can serve with those rich and sweet lobster tails.

I have personally tried my hand at these recipes and these crowd-pleasing side dishes are sure to turn your ordinary feast into an extraordinary one!

Let’s dive right in.

1. Baked Potato

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 93
Total preparation time– 55 mins

A simple and classic baked potato is proven to enhance the taste of your lavish lobster meal by leaps and bounds.

Fluffy on the inside and extremely crispy on the outside, baked or jacket potato topped with a dollop of butter or sour cream remains hard to beat.

Simple as it is, just place the potatoes on a baking sheet and coat them generously with olive oil.

Throw in some salt and pepper and bake for about 45 minutes.

After they cool, top them with your favourite seasonings- be it sour cream, bacon bits or chives!

Check out how Rajshri Food makes the most delicious baked cheese potatoes:

2. Lobster Bisque

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 50
Total preparation time– 60 min

One of the most sought-after seafood soups, Bisque is a smooth, creamy and seasoned soup of French origin made from lobster.

It goes without saying that it is a perfect accompaniment to those lobster tails.

Brimming with flavor from the lobster, shallots, coconut milk and tomato puree, the recipe guarantees a rich decadent soup comes together in under one hour and is a real crowd-pleaser.

Check out an easy home-made lobster bisque recipe here:

3. Mac and Cheese

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 164
Total preparation time– 45 min

A classic Mac and Cheese is ultra-creamy, cheesy and downright delicious.

The best comfort food, it pairs just fine with meaty and sweet lobster tails.

Plus, this pasta delight is super easy to prepare- made with a homemade sauce of butter, melted cheese and milk.

You can always sprinkle some breadcrumbs for a crunchy texture!

Expert tip: Using chilled milk to make the sauce in order to avoid any lumps.

Check out this creamy mac and cheese recipe by The Cooking Foodie:

4. Butter

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 717
Total preparation time– 20 min

Truth be told, butter is better. It’s that one basic ingredient that makes everything taste better.

Creamy and salty butter goes pretty well with breads, pastries and even lobster!

Try it and you won’t regret it.

A treat for taste buds, it is an effortless yet delish side to make those tails extra creamy.

Oh, and did you know that butter contains the antioxidants- vitamin A and vitamin E, and also selenium?

5. Green Salad

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 15
Total preparation time– 15 min

Green salad is the best bet to round your lobster meal. Both healthy and scrumptious, it promises double goodness to your feast.

The best thing about this salad is that it is always so versatile and infused with the natural sweetness of those veggies!

A refreshing salad, it can be tossed together in minutes and packs a punch of varied flavors and textures.

You can include your favourite veggies, leafy greens, nuts and any dressing you want!

Toss in avocado for a creamy texture, parmesan cheese for almost a nutty salty flavor and tamari roasted almonds for that extra crunch.

Check out an delectable recipe here:

6. Roasted Cauliflower

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 44
Total preparation time– 40 min

This roasted cauliflower is a pretty simple and tasty side dish for your lobster tails.

When inside the oven, it is a golden caramelized delight that you can’t resist.

Roast it with just olive oil and salt and pepper to taste and a wonderful snack is ready to be served!

Remember to chop the cauliflower into bite-sized pieces giving way to plenty of flat edges making caramelization easy.

Here’s how Home Cooking Adventure makes the perfect roasted cauliflower:

7. Baked Risotto

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 348
Total preparation time– 35 min

What could be better than pairing a traditionally made risotto with meaty lobster tails?

Baked risotto is packed with tender rice slathered in a rich and fiery sauce.

A bit of effort and detail goes into the recipe but we assure you that it will leave your guests more than satisfied!

Stir in some basil pesto and a couple of green peas before the parmesan topping for an added flavor and interesting texture.

Watch this quick risotto recipe by Everyday Food:

8. Steamed White Rice

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 219
Total preparation time– 20 min

Who says white rice is boring?

Especially with lobster tails, it is anything but boring.

Easy to prepare and absolutely filling, a bowl of steamed white rice pairs well with just about any meal.

Learn how to cook perfect rice every time:

9. Coleslaw

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 152
Total preparation time– 25 min

A vivid and tangy coleslaw is a perfect complement to sweet and meaty lobster tails.

Not so cumbersome to get together, this slaw is prepared under 30 minutes and is packed with fresh and lively flavours.

Use a combination of green, napa and red cabbage for making the coleslaw.

For a different spin, you can even throw in some broccoli.

Additionally, apart from the classic mayonnaise dressing, add in Dijon mustard for extra flavor and a little spice.

Check out this great recipe bu+y Kunal Kapur:

10. Pasta Salad

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 215
Total preparation time– 20 min

Fresh, quick and easy to prepare pasta salad is loaded with crisp veggies, rich mozzarella and tossed together in a simple homemade dressing.

If you fancy a greek salad, you can throw in some Kalamata and green olives and if you have a fondness for Italian, add in parmesan and mozzarella cheese to the mix.

And the dressing?

Don’t fret, just whisk together some vinegar, oregano, extra-virgin olive oil, and a pinch of salt and pepper and you are good to go!

Watch how The Foodie makes this rich and creamy salad:

11. Corn on the Cob

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 106
Total preparation time– 20 min

Both lobster and corn are sweet and tender, so it’s only fitting to combine and serve them together.

It promises the benefits of a vegetable in the form of a dessert.

Grilling and roasting are the most practical methods and provides that extra richness to the corn.

On the other hand, steaming or boiling too gives similar textures and promises juicy kernels.

Work some butter on the corn and drizzle with salt and pepper to make the side catapult to a new level.

Check out this fun recipe by The Domestic Geek:

12. Veggie Fries

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 188
Total preparation time– 35 min

Looking for healthier ways to make your favorite French fries aka guilty pleasures?

Give these crispy and crunchy veggie fries a try and watch how well they complement your lobster meal.

These fries definitely go light on fat and calories, without compromising the flavor and texture.

So go and chop your favourite vegetables, drizzle in some olive oil, season with salt and pepper and just bake!

Do check out this amazing recipe by Everyday Food:

13. Steamed Clams and Mussels

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 171
Total preparation time– 25 min

There’s no better alternative for cooking mussels and clams than steaming.

Reason being, upon cooking, these shellfish release flavorful juices.

It goes without saying that seafood complements seafood seamlessly, so do clams and mussels.

The side dish is so delicious and easy to prepare but the only hard part is finding good and fresh shellfish.

All you need to do is steam the shellfish in water, herbs, white wine, shallots, and a bay leaf. It will not take you longer than 5 minutes.

14. French Baguettes

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 274
Total preparation time– 3 hrs

A long and thin type of bread, baguettes are of French origin and are prepared from basic lean dough.

Chewy, yeasty and tasty, the bread goes incredibly well with the tender lobster tails.

Above all, you can make your very own baguettes easily!

Here’s a super simple recipe for you:

15. Potato Salad

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 143
Total preparation time– 35 min

You don’t need anything but a rich, hearty and creamy potato salad to round up your lobster meal.

Potato salad is very easy to make and comes together in no time.

Small and thin-skinned potatoes are best for the recipe as they are quick cooking and there’s no need to chop them.

To make the salad dressing ultra-creamy, use mayonnaise and sour cream.

Here’s how Fablunch makes this refreshing salad:

16. Cheesy Biscuits

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 374
Total preparation time– 45 min

Almost everybody will agree on how well these biscuits taste with lobsters!

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, they are just the right capable of soaking up all that butter and making you feel the melt-in-mouth richness of the meal.

Do give this recipe a try and we guarantee that you won’t turn to your bakeries to buy these delicacies from the next time!

Savoury Snack Recipe by Rajshri Food:

17. Clam Chowder

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 56
Total preparation time– 50 min

Full of flavor and cream, a bowl of clam chowder alongside sweet lobster tails works like a charm.

The soup can be prepared with a few pantry ingredients like onion, potatoes, celery chopped carrots, clams, and cream.

Additionally, a bit of red wine vinegar is thrown in for adding that extra punch.

Check out a super quick recipe here:

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed reading this complete guide on what to serve with lobster tails!

All these sides are brimming with flavor and complement the tails seamlessly.

Do try them all. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the same, let us know below.

Don’t forget to share these appetizing side dish recipes with your friends and family!

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