What to Serve with Quesadillas? 10 Lip-Smacking Options!


Quick Answer: What to Serve with Quesadillas?

Specific lip-smacking sides to complement your quesadillas and satisfy your taste buds are – Pasta Salad, Quinoa Salad, Mexican Slaw, Black Bean Salad, Avocado Salad, Sweet Potato Salad, Cheesy Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Mexican Street Corn, and Corn Salad.

This post brings you 10 alluring side dishes that go flawlessly well with quesadillas to add a distinct flavor to your meal.

I personally admire experimenting with my meals and have tried all these sides, and they complement my quesadillas extremely well.

So, aren’t you intrigued to try some mouth-watering entremets? Let’s get started:

1. Pasta Salad

Time taken to prepare: 20 minutes

When chilled pasta salad unites with a piping hot quesadilla in your mouth, what happens next is an enchanting and thrilling experience.

You can add any kind of pasta and sauce that you love to get started.

You can use any of your personal favorites here for the baked beans part of this recipe: Freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, avocadoes, and coriander leaves give your food the vibrant colors, nutrition, and flavors that it deserves.

Don’t panic if you never tried your hands with cooking pasta salad. We’ve got you covered with this excellent recipe from Hebbars Kitchen:

2. Quinoa Salad

Time taken to prepare: 40 minutes

Quinoa salad is that refreshing bowl of nutrients that isn’t just vivid but also crunchy and scrumptious.

Quinoas have an irresistible nutty flavor that can form fusions with mayos and a variety of different sauces.

When you settle for a quesadilla, try pairing it with quinoa salad so that you don’t miss out on that extra crunch.

Try this instant and easy to cook food recipe as holistichabits guides from your way at every step via this video:

3. Mexican Slaw

Time taken to prepare: 20 minutes

Mexican slaw is a slightly nuanced salad than the salads we talked about previously as its primary ingredient is cabbage.

Finely chopped cabbage that gets lost in the mayo pool can be used as a dip to dunk in your burgers and cover them with cabbage and mayo.

The crispy and juicy texture of cabbages will formulate an excellent association with the soft and tender quesadilla covering along with the tender and crunchy stuffing.

It’s vibrant and delicious.

Don’t just read about Mexican slaw as a side dish; rather, craft one all by yourself within minutes via the below-given video from Scratch Fast:

4. Black Bean Salad

Time taken to prepare: 20 minutes

Black bean salads are vibrant and flavorful sides to complement your quesadillas.

French beans, kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, cannellini beans, and haricot beans.

You can jazz the beans up by adding the right seasoning and corns to match your mood.

These are baked and hence are bound to impart nutrition to your body as they melt in your mouth.

This amazing recipe from The Stay At Home Chef will assist you in your new cooking endeavor and will make you swept off your feet with black bean salads just the way you love quesadillas:

5. Avocado Salad

Time taken to prepare: 15 minutes

Avocadoes are here for spreading and increasing human wellbeing.

You could amalgamate avocadoes with any of your dearest veggies to make an avocado salad.

If you aren’t into cooking, you’ll surely treasure this recipe as it requires no cooking expertise and can be crafted within minutes, either raw or semi-cooked with little oil.

Let your cheat days make you feel less guilty and more gratified by using avocado salad as a side meal for quesadillas through this video from Natashas Kitchen:

6. Sweet Potato Salad

Time taken to prepare: 40 minutes

Here comes sweet potato salad to drive away your boredom if you’re just done with the classic veggie salad associated with quesadillas.

Sweet potatoes are healthier and far more tasty than regular potatoes.

You can roast them to impart an appealing texture to them.

The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes can be coupled with the right spices to add some zing and flavor that is more appealing than before.

Make this convenient to follow food recipe by Vibrant Living for crafting your perfect sweet potato salad the very first time you try it:

7. Cheesy Potatoes

Time taken to prepare: 60 minutes

One can never go wrong while paring their quesadillas with cheesy potatoes.

The blandness of potatoes can be rightly paired with the extra savory feeling of cheese to stimulate your taste buds the right way.

Cheesy potatoes are an excellent side dish for people who can never be truly gratified with the cheese that goes into the making of quesadillas.

Make this convenient to follow food recipe by Rajshri Food for crafting your perfect cheesy potatoes the very first time you try it:

8. Mashed Potatoes

Time taken to prepare: 30 minutes

Mashed potatoes add the right moisture and creaminess to your quesadillas with their fine and smooth texture that’s simply hard to resist.

You get to experiment and add the spices of your choice to jazz things add and customize your side dish.

Opt for mashed potatoes for days when you’re exhausted of chewing as they would simply melt in your mouth and directly your gut, leaving behind a flavor to reminisce forever.

Try something new that melts in your mouth by getting inspiration from this awesome recipe from Tasty:

9. Mexican Street Corn

Time taken to prepare: 20 minutes

When loaded with Butter and spices, the cooked ears of freshly riped and picked maize transforms into a deadly combination of crunch, flavor, and aroma.

For days when you plan to consume some peppery and hot quesadilla variants that set your mouth ablaze, couple it with Mexican street corn to put off the aroused fire, or maybe you could add fuel to the existing fire if you love to ignite your taste receptors.

Couple your quesadillas with a sweet and spicy twist of Mexican street corn by following the easiest steps provided in this video by Smokin’ and Grillin’ wit AB:

10. Corn Salad

Time taken to prepare: 30 minutes

For vegetable lovers, this side dish comes in handy as you get to add a nuanced flavor to the regular sweet corns by adding some of your go-to veggies and make yourself feel less guilty during your cheat day meals consisting of quesadillas.

Corn salads are ideal for candidates who ardor crunch in their meals.

You can feel that void of crunch while consuming quesadillas with a bowl full of corn salad.

Munch up on these crunchy and juicy corns along with your family and friends simply by visiting the given video from Easy Cookbook that shall be your guiding lamp:

What are the Various Types of Quesadillas?

There are approximately 25 types of quesadillas available around the world.

These consist of veg and non-veg variants including chicken, beef, egg, and pork.

You opt for a customizable option and add some cheese or extra veggies to your dish as per your mood.

Chicken cheese quesadilla, bacon egg, and cheese quesadilla, spinach and bacon quesadilla, beef quesadilla, meatless veggie quesadilla, and beans and corn quesadilla are a few representations of quesadilla variants.


How to select a side dish for quesadillas?

Side dishes are used to boost the flavor of your existing meal and make it more happening. Depending upon your choice of taste and consistency, you can opt for any of the above-listed side dishes.

It is always a great idea to experiment and append new side dishes to your list.

Which sauces form the best pair with quesadillas?

There are a handful of sauces that bring in some new flavors to the dinner table, for instance, the maple bacon relish, beer cheese, jalapeno cheese sauce, harissa yogurt, blue cheese mayo, chipotle feta, special tarragon sauce, Frenchie, and truffle mayo.

Which beverages should we opt for to complement quesadillas?

Beverages ranging from alcoholic to non-alcoholic and cold to hot can add a wholesome taste to your quesadillas, examples of which include beer, cocktails, wine, aerated drinks, cold coffee, iced tea, milkshakes, and piping hot black tea or coffee can complement quesadillas exceptionally well.

Which cheese is best suited for quesadillas?

Quesadillas predominantly contain hard and firm cheeses like gruyere, cheddar, pecorino, and parmesan. These cheeses melt and blend religiously with the sandwich stuffing when cooked at high temperatures.

What is the average caloric content of quesadillas?

The average caloric content of quesadillas is 293 calories. So, you can opt for a side dish that doesn’t exceed your daily calorie requirements to consume a balanced meal.

Bottom Line

We hope this article was worthwhile and will assist you while choosing your next side dish for your upcoming party or get-together.

Do keep us updated regarding your go-to side dish for quesadillas via the comments section, and don’t forget to share this insightful piece with your loved ones.

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