What to Serve with Rotisserie Chicken? 10 Delicious Options


Quick Answer: What to Serve with Rotisserie Chicken?

Certain delicious sides to complement your rotisserie chicken and fulfill the demands of your taste buds are – Mashed Potatoes, Scalloped Potatoes, Steamed Asparagus, Grilled Broccolini, Grilled Sweet Potatoes, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Crispy Mushrooms, Mac and Cheese, Spinach Salad, and Mashed Cauliflower.

This post brings you 10 enchanting side dishes that go flawlessly well with rotisserie chicken to add a distinct flavor to your meal.

I personally admire experimenting with my meals and have tried all these sides, and they complement my rotisserie chicken extremely well.

So, aren’t you excited to try some mouth-watering sides? Let’s get started:

1. Mashed Potatoes

Time taken to prepare: 30 minutes

Mashed potatoes add the right moisture and creaminess to your rotisserie chicken with their fine and smooth texture that’s simply hard to resist.

You get to experiment and add the spices of your choice to jazz things add and customize your side dish.

Opt for mashed potatoes for days when you’re exhausted of chewing as they would simply melt in your mouth and directly your gut, leaving behind a flavor to reminisce forever.

Try something new that melts in your mouth by getting inspiration from this awesome recipe from Tasty:

2. Scalloped Potatoes

Time taken to prepare: 1 hour and 45 minutes

One can never go wrong while paring their rotisserie chicken with scalloped potatoes.

The blandness of potatoes can be rightly paired with the extra savory feeling of cheese and the sweetness of heavy milk to stimulate your taste buds the right way.

Scalloped potatoes are an excellent side dish for people who can never be truly gratified with the frequent consumption of cheese and potatoes.

Make this convenient to follow food recipe by Allrecipes for crafting your perfect scalloped potatoes the very first time you try it:

3. Steamed Asparagus

Time taken to prepare: 10 minutes

Steamed asparagus is a fantastic side dish to regulate your caloric intake while you decide to relish a mammoth-sized rotisserie chicken.

Get the entire stalks of asparagus, slip them into boiling water till it turns soft and creamy, and add seasonings of your choice to suit your taste.

Learn the fine art of preparing steamed asparagus with nominal ingredients that generate loads of flavor and nourishment via this video from Foods101withDeronda:

4. Grilled Broccolini

Time taken to prepare: 15 minutes

Grilling broccolini with some olive oil and seasonings will generate an unforgettable taste for your rotisserie chicken meals.

You could either grill broccolini on a charcoal grill or a gas one, whichever works best for you.

These plush greens won’t just be soothing for your eyes but also be relieving for your stomach.

They come with the right amount of crispiness and tenderness.

Check this recipe from Sweet Peas Saffron to produce supreme quality grilled broccolini in your very first shot:

5. Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Time taken to prepare: 30 minutes

Here come grilled sweet potatoes to drive away your boredom if you’re just done with the classic grilled potatoes associated with rotisserie chicken.

Sweet potatoes are healthier and far more tasty than regular potatoes.

You can roast them to impart an appealing texture to them.

The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes can be coupled with the right spices to add some zing and flavor that is more appealing than before.

Make this super easy food recipe by BBQ Pit Boys for preparing your perfect grilled sweet potatoes the very first time you try it:

6. Grilled Corn on the Cob

Time taken to prepare: 20 minutes

When loaded with Butter and spices, the cooked ears of freshly riped and picked maize transforms into a deadly combination of crunch, flavor, and aroma.

For days when you plan to consume some peppery and hot rotisserie chicken that set your mouth ablaze, couple it with grilled corn on the cob to put off the aroused fire, or maybe you could add fuel to the existing fire if you love to ignite your taste receptors.

Couple your rotisserie chicken with a sweet and spicy twist of grilled corn on the cob by following the easiest steps provided in this video by Tasty:

7. Crispy Mushrooms

Time taken to prepare: 50 minutes

Here arrives an Indo-Chinese recipe wherein the mushrooms are dunked in batter and fried till the outer layer turns crispy and crumbly.

You can opt to shallow fry the mushrooms or air fry in an oven to reduce your caloric intake.

The crisped mushrooms are later tossed in a pool of oriental sauce, but you can always test new and innovative ways to find your absolute match.

When crunch fuses with high doses of proteins and fiber, one creates crispy mushrooms. Here’s a quick recipe for the same by The Cooking Foodie:

8. Mac and Cheese

Time taken to prepare: 50 minutes

Mac and cheese are for individuals who can never get enough cheese with their rotisserie chicken.

Macaroni and cheese, along with the right pasta sauces, culminate an alluring meal that one will cherish for a lifetime.

You can opt for any creamy textured cheese for this purpose, but predominantly cheddar is the most commonly referred cheese for this recipe.

For the ones who can never get overwhelmed with the presence of cheese, try the mac and cheese recipe from The Cooking Foodie:

9. Spinach Salad

Time taken to prepare: 20 minutes

Spinach alone may not be that appealing, but when coupled with the right ingredients, it will undoubtedly up your foodie game.

You’ll surely be left smitten with the vibrant appeal and the yummy taste of spinach salad.

One can add boiled or grilled meat, veggies, or fruits of their choice along with spinach to curate a personalized side dish.

Master the art of curating finger-licking spinach salad that can provide you with just the right amount of vibrance to complement your rotisserie chicken via this instant recipe from ehowhealth:

10. Mashed Cauliflower

Time taken to prepare: 25 minutes

Something that matches the creaminess of melted cheese, is mashed cauliflowers. Mashed cauliflowers are the best to attain a proper nutrient intake balance.

Pairing it with rotisserie chicken provides you with the essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s chewy and super creamy.

It just blends with the rotisserie chicken when grabbed as a morsel in your mouth.

Feast over this delicious side dish along with your rotisserie chicken by visiting this mind-blowing recipe from Downshiftology:

How Does Rotisserie Chicken Get its Name?

Rotisserie chicken, as the name suggests, is prepared on a rotisserie – a device with a rotating rod that provides a structure for the chicken to be placed.

Rotisserie is used to grill and roast meat via extreme heat that is supplied from beneath the rotisserie.

You can roast an entire chicken over the rod and add seasonings of your choice to it as per your choice.

You can dice or shred the roasted chicken and consume it with any of the mentioned sides above.


How to select a side dish for rotisserie chicken?

Side dishes are used to boost the flavor of your existing meal and make it more happening. Depending upon your choice of taste and consistency, you can opt for any of the above-listed side dishes.

It is always a great idea to experiment and append new side dishes to your list.

Which sauces form the best pair with rotisserie chicken?

There are a handful of sauces that bring in some new flavors to the dinner table, for instance, the maple bacon relish, beer cheese, jalapeno cheese sauce, harissa yogurt, blue cheese mayo, chipotle feta, special tarragon sauce, Frenchie, and truffle mayo.

Which beverages should we opt for to complement rotisserie chicken?

Beverages ranging from alcoholic to non-alcoholic and cold to hot can add a wholesome taste to your rotisserie chicken, examples of which include beer, cocktails, wine, aerated drinks, cold coffee, iced tea, milkshakes, and piping hot black tea or coffee can complement rotisserie chicken exceptionally well.

Which cheese is best suited for rotisserie chicken?

Quesadillas predominantly contain hard and firm cheeses like gruyere, cheddar, pecorino, and parmesan. These cheeses melt and blend religiously with the sandwich stuffing when cooked at high temperatures.

Which rice dish suits best with rotisserie chicken?

Rotisserie chicken pairs exceptionally well with garlic rice. The starch of rice and the protein of chicken make a dreamy combination of health and hunger.

What is the average caloric content of rotisserie chicken?

The average caloric content of rotisserie chicken is 293 calories. So, you can opt for a side dish that doesn’t exceed your daily calorie requirements to consume a balanced meal.

Bottom Line

We hope this article was worthwhile and will assist you while choosing your next side dish for your upcoming party or get-together.

Do keep us updated regarding your go-to side dish for rotisserie chicken via the comments section, and don’t forget to share this insightful piece with your loved ones.

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