What to Serve with Tacos: 20 Side Dishes that Pair Perfectly


Quick Answer: What to Serve with Tacos?

The best side dishes that go with Tacos are- Spanish Rice, Chips and Salsa, Mexican Sweet Potatoes, Pepper Salad, Mango Salsa, Creamy Guacamole, Grilled Avocados, Pineapple Salsa, Stuffed Mini Peppers, Lemon Garlic Prawns, Mexican Black Beans, Mexican Coleslaw, Corn Pudding, Churros, Grilled Zucchini, Ranch Veggie Salad, Wild Watermelon, Beef Empanadas, Blueberry Salsa and Tortilla Chicken Soup.

While Tacos are considered a downright delicious Mexican delight, they always call for sides that make them a whole meal.

Look no further as we have got you covered with 20 side dish recipes that pair perfectly with those flavorful tacos!

From Mexican Coleslaw to Creamy Guacamole, you will never have to rack your brain for any more ideas.

1. Spanish Rice

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 128
Total preparation time– 30 min

What could be better than enjoying a restaurant-style meal consisting of double-decker tacos and Spanish rice at home?

Quick and effortless, Spanish or Mexican rice is packed with flavor and tastes way better than plain white rice.

It has all the crucial elements to spice up your next fiesta!

It is prepared by browning the rice with garlic and onion with a touch of tangy tomato.

The browning is fundamental to the nutty and toasty flavor of the rice.

If you fancy a pronounced garlic flavor, you can always use fresh garlic instead of garlic powder.

Check out how HomeCookingShow prepares this savory side:

2. Chips and Salsa

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 442
Total preparation time– 15 min

A bowl of chips with salsa is a classic side to tacos.

A complete and tantalizing Mexican snack that will never let you down!

It comes together in minutes as you already have some salsa prepared for your tacos.

Alternatively, you can go for a cheese or jalapeno dip for brownie points!

3. Mexican Sweet Potatoes

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 86
Total preparation time– 40 min

Brimming with a rich flavor of sweet potato, corn, creamy cilantro sauce and black bean salsa, Mexican sweet potatoes pair perfectly with those fiery tacos.

Additionally, if you want to try other Mexican-style sauces, Cilantro Lime Crema, Vegan Nacho Cheese and Cashew Cream are your best bets!

I personally prefer sweet potatoes over the normal ones not only because of its sweet and syrupy taste but also because of its interesting texture.

4. Pepper Salad

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 67
Total preparation time– 15 min

Looking for a healthy yet spicy side dish? Pepper Salad is the answer!

Packed with vitamins and minerals, bell pepper salad is quick and trouble-free to assemble and tastes amazing along with giving your side a vivid and colorful appearance.

To make this Mexican side, just combine red, green, and yellow pepper together with onion and green chilly.

Top it with some coriander leaves, olive oil, pepper powder and lemon juice and you are all set!

Check out Yummy Treats’ Easy Bell Pepper Salad Recipe:

5. Mango Salsa

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 66
Total preparation time– 15 min

There is nothing so sweet and spicy like Mango salsa.

Outrageously yummy, this side fits just right next to tacos!

It comes together in a few minutes and you just need 6 basic ingredients handy: ripe mangos, bell pepper, onion, lemon, coriander leaves and fresh chilies.

For a twist, you may use pickled jalapeños instead of chilies for that extra interesting flavor. Thank me later!

Master the recipe like QVC Originals:

6. Creamy Guacamole

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 181
Total preparation time– 12 min

The extra green, extra creamy and extra healthy classic guacamole remains unbeatable.

A big bowl of freshly-made guacamole accompanied by chips is all you need to make those tacos a hit!

It is recommended to use perfectly ripe avocados for a creamy guacamole.

Don’t sweat it, if you are skeptical about them being soft in time, place them in a paper bag along with a banana and they shall ripen in no time.

Check out an amazing recipe and some extra tips by Inspired Taste here:

7. Grilled Avocados

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 207
Total preparation time– 15 mins

Have some leftover ripe avocados? Give this interesting and effortless side dish a try!

You can stuff them halves with tart veggie ceviche or simply drizzle some olive oil, lime and salt and serve them as it is.

If in case you don’t have any ripe avocados, grill is your savior!

Grilling avocados adds a layer of smoke making them extra creamy and at the same time speed up the ripening procedure.

Check out the basic grilled avocado recipe by Health Magazine:

8. Pineapple Salsa

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 52
Total preparation time– 20 min

Pineapple salsa might sound bizarre at first glance, but not when you think about this sugary and spicy side!

The fun and fresh appetizer is simple to make and requires some fresh basic ingredients including pineapple, onion, lime,tomato, bell pepper, jalapeño and some cilantro.

Here’s a quick tip: Ensure to dice the ingredients as fine as possible so as to get a little of everything in each bite!

Learn how to make a spectacular pineapple salsa from Gourmand Award Winning Chris De La Rosa of CaribbeanPot:

9. Stuffed Mini Peppers

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 140
Total preparation time– 35 min

Mexicans and pepper go hand in hand.

A delicious and healthy appetizer, stuffed peppers make a fantastic pair with tacos.

You can either roast them in the oven or cook on the grill and you can alter the spiciness too!

For those of you who happen to be a fan of cheese, don’t miss out on this recipe by Tatyana:

10. Lemon Garlic Prawns

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 134
Total preparation time– 15 min

The easy and zesty lemon garlic prawns are guaranteed to make your friends and family coming back for another round!

A good pairing with tacos, the recipe comes together in just 15 minutes and tastes divine.

Add prawns, lemon slices, chili flakes, oregano, and a little garlic and drizzle salt to taste.

Cook while stirring occasionally until they turn pink and you have your delish dish ready. Bon appétit!

Check out how Green Healthy Cooking takes to preparing this side in just 15 minutes:

11. Mexican Black Beans

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 127
Total preparation time– 1.5 h

Yet another staple dish of Mexican cuisine, it is a complete and filling plant-based protein dish that will ensure that your guests are full!

Serve a bean and corn salad classic slide with those tacos and you are good to go.

These frijoles (as known in Spanish) are made from scratch but are not really cumbersome to put together provided you have time.

If that is not the case, we suggest you to go for another perfect side dish for tacos i.e. Refried beans.

It works as a great alternative if you don’t have all day to prepare black beans from scratch!

Make those Mexican refried beans with Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana:

12. Mexican Coleslaw

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 169
Total preparation time– 10 min

Mexican Coleslaw will not only give a healthy contrast to your rich tacos but also make them even more savory and toothsome!

Packed with cabbage, onion, corn, bell peppers, avocado, bell peppers and fresh cilantro, it will step up your taco game.

You can also throw in some mayo and zingy lemon juice to the coleslaw for the added texture and cool creaminess.

Pro tip: Add the chopped onion with vinegar instead of adding it in with cabbage. It will not only marinate the onion but also cut on the sharpness!

Here’s how Chef Kunal Kapur makes the coleslaw salad:

13. Corn Pudding

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 131
Total preparation time– 55 min

Sweet Corn pudding is my all-time favourite pairing with savory tacos.

Not only does it taste good but also contains milk, cheese, egg and sweet corn kernels. Hence, double the goodness!

And for those of you who long for a more savory corn pudding, simply eliminate the sugar.

Check out this Creamy Corn Pudding Recipe by Food Wishes:

14. Churros

Total calories (per 100 gm)– 271
Total preparation time– 35 min

Nobody can ever say no to Churros, isn’t it?

A celebrated treat throughout Central and South America, Churros is nothing but a kind of fried dough made in hot oil and tossed with cinnamon sugar.

The crispy, soft, sweetened and spongy side is pairs perfectly with tacos.

If you still haven’t tried your hand at making churros at home, you are definitely in for a treat!

Wait no more and get started right now with this simple recipe:

15. Grilled Zucchini

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 40
Total preparation time– 20 min

Grilled Zuchhini, another Mexican staple will provide just the right amount of taste and flavor to tacos.

This fast, easy and delish recipe can be worked all year round and will make your guests coming back for more.

What more? It is low-carb and dairy free!

Grill until tender and season it with some extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, basil and salt and pepper to taste.

Here’s how The Stay At Home Chef makes grilled zucchini:

16. Ranch Veggie Salad

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 117
Total preparation time– 20 min

A cool, fresh and great tasting salad is a quintessential side to every dish!

The ranch dressing goes well with spicy tacos and looks as colorful as a rainbow. You’ll see!

The best part about this cool salad is that you don’t have to have all the ingredients ready in your fridge.

You can always substitute them with whatever you have handy. Great, right?

Check out this amazing ranch sauce recipe:

17. Wild Watermelon

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 33

There’s nothing more appetizing and exquisite than wild watermelon in hot summers.

Serve it along with tacos the next time and watch how your friends and family express admiration for you!

You can also sprinkle in some lime juice too – succulent!

18. Beef Empanadas

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 268
Total preparation time– 1.5 h

Almost every occasion calls for mouth-watering finger foods and here we have Beef Empanadas to your rescue!

Loved equally by children and adults, the yummy empanadas are a perfect mix of spiced beef and healthy veggies.

Moreover, it goes along pretty well with those tacos.

It is advisable to use an egg wash for sealing the empanadas as it would give them a pretty golden-brown crust.

Learn how The Cooking Foodie makes Beef Empanadas:

19. Blueberry Salsa

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 57
Total preparation time– 15 min

For all those fruit lovers out there, we bring to you another interesting salsa recipe.

Best served with corn chips, blueberry salsa is just the side that your tacos need!

A fantastic refreshing side, it pulls off in minutes and leaves behind an enticing flavor!

Want to be ahead of time? Mix in all the ingredients together except olive oil, coriander leaves and lime juice.

Let it cool, and then season it when you are ready to serve.

Don’t miss out on this blueberry and red bell pepper salsa recipe:

20. Tortilla Chicken Soup

Total calories (per 100 gm) – 51
Total preparation time– 40 min

Tortilla Chicken soup is one of the best comfort foods beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Made with scrumptious chicken breast, beans, and corns and topped with crispy tortilla chips, lemon, avocado and fresh cilantro; it makes a fantastic pair with tacos.

You can also drop in your preferred toppings, be it guacamole or sour cream.

Count minutes and even before you know it the delicious, comforting soup is ready!

Do try out this simple 30 min recipe by The Stay At Home Chef :


What are the best drinks that can be served with tacos?

The best flavors that complement Mexican cuisine are lemon and mint, you can try anything from mint mojito to iced tea or even some red wine.

Do we need to use long-grain white rice for preparing Spanish rice?

Yes. Different cooking methods are used vis-à-vis different rice types. Therefore, long-grain white rice is the best bet to get desired results.

How long does Spanish rice keep after cooked?

If stored in an airtight container, the rice shall keep up to 5 days.

Which oil can be used instead of olive oil for grilled avocados?

Canola oil can be a good substitute for olive oil.

What kind of prawns should I buy for the recipe?

We recommend buying king prawns for the lemon garlic prawns recipe. You should also buy peeled prawns to fasten the preparation process.

Bottom Line

With this long list of side dish options, we are pretty sure that you would not have to fish around for more!

All the side dishes use basic ingredients and come together in no time.

Don’t forget to share these recipes with your loved ones and if you have any other exciting recipes to share or suggestions to make, share with us below!

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