Wine Types and Styles: Quick Guide


The style of wine is the overall characteristics of the wine, including the body, acidity, tannins, and alcohol.

Understanding the wine styles can help you navigate the complex world of wine with much more ease.

Styles of Wine

1. Fortified Wine

When a wine is fortified, it means that extra alcohol has been added to the wine.

This is usually done by adding a distilled spirit, such as brandy. Fortified wines tend to be stronger in alcohol content than non-fortified wines.

Examples of fortified wines include Sherry, Port, and Madeira. Each of these wines has its own unique flavor profile, which is affected by the type of grape used and the aging process.

Sherry is a fortified wine that is made from white grapes grown in the Andalusia region of Spain. It is typically dry and has a nutty flavor.

Port is a fortified wine that is made from red grapes grown in Portugal. It is sweet and often served as a dessert wine.

Madeira is a fortified wine that is made from white grapes grown in the Madeira Islands off the coast of Portugal. It has a sweeter flavor and can be enjoyed as an after-dinner drink.

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2. Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine contains bubbles of carbon dioxide.

The bubbles are formed during the fermentation process when the yeast eats the sugar and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide gas.

Sparkling wine is commonly made from white grapes such as Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. Sparkling wines are usually brut (dry), but they can also be semi-sweet or sweet.

The most famous sparkling wines come from France, Italy, and Spain.

Champagne is a sparkling wine that can only be made in the Champagne region of France.

Prosecco from Italy, and Cava from Spain, are examples of sparkling wines.

There are several types of sparkling wines to choose from, so there’s sure to be one to suit your taste.

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing summertime sipper or a luxurious treat for a special occasion, give sparkling wine a try!

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3. Still Wine

“Still wine” means a wine that is not sparkling (yes, that simple!)

Most wines are still wines. The term is used to distinguish between wines that are sparking, such as Champagne, and those that are not.

There are many different types of still wines, including red wines, white wines, and rose wines. Each type of still wine has its own unique flavor profile.

Red wines are typically made from dark-colored grapes, while white wines are made from light-colored grapes.

Rose wines can be made from either red or white grapes, but they get their pink color from the skin of the grape being left in contact with the juice during fermentation.

No matter what type of still wine you choose, you’re sure to enjoy its complex flavor and smooth finish.

4. Aromatized Wine

Aromatized wine sare flavored with botanical extracts, most commonly herbs.

The result is a wine with a more complex flavor than the original wine. Common aromatized wine flavors include vermouth, mulled wine, and sangria.

Vermouth is a fortified wine that is flavored with spices, herbs, and roots. It is typically served as an aperitif before a meal.

Mulled wine is a red wine that has been spiced and sweetened, often with fruits like oranges and apples. It is traditionally served warm during the winter months.

Sangria is a Spanish punch made from red wine, fruit juices, and spices. It is usually served over ice in the summertime.

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