Can Frozen Bananas Go Bad? (What Science Says)


Frozen bananas are great for quick snacks or smoothies. They’re also convenient because they don’t require thawing before consumption.

But how long can you safely consume frozen bananas?

Let’s find out what science has to say!

Can Frozen Bananas go Bad?

According to the U.S. Department of Health, frozen ripe bananas can last for a very long time given they have been frozen properly and the temperature during this time does not rise above 0 degrees F (-18 degree C), but they start losing their freshness after 2-3 months.

So, if you wanted to consume bananas frozen months ago, you need not worry about the safety, but you will not enjoy the taste of it or of the recipes as you will with a fresh one.

If you are simply refrigerating ripe bananas, then you should consume them within 3 days from the date of purchase. A banana is ripe when it’s tender, developed and ready to eat.

Can Thawed Bananas Go Bad?

Yes, thawed bananas have a very high possibility of going bad. Thawed bananas need to be consumed asap. They cannot be treated the same as fresh bananas.

Also, it is not a good idea to refreeze a thawed banana as it is highly likely that they will get spoiled

How Long Do Bananas Last In The Freezer?

In a freezer, ripened bananas can last almost forever without getting spoiled. But they will not remain fresh after 2-3 months.

This duration is only applicable when the banana is put in the freezer right after purchase and not long after that.

The peel of the banana will blacken when you freeze it, but this is not a sign that the banana itself is getting spoiled.

Do Frozen Bananas Remain Fresh?

The freshness of bananas reduces as your time of freezing them increases. According to the US Food Safety website, bananas remain fresh for 2-3 months when frozen.

This means that the quality and taste remain close to the fresh ones during this time. After that, though they remain safe to eat, the freshness will not be the same.

How Do You Know When Bananas Are Bad?

If your banana smells weird or feels mushy and slimy then it may have gone bad, and you should be cautious while consuming it.

Why did my Frozen Bananas Turn Brown?

The banana peel rapidly turns brown when refrigerated because of the compound melanin which is produced in the banana peel due to oxidation. Thus the reason for this color is chemistry and not that the banana itself has gone stale.

An interesting thing to observe here is, the browning caused by freezing is NOT the same as the one caused when the banana is overripe. Thus, do not assume that just because the color or frozen banana is brown, it is ripened.

Why By Frozen Banana Smells Weird?

The frozen bananas smell weird when they go bad. If they feel mushy and smell different, it is best to discard them. But if the banana peel is brown/black, it will be wrong to assume they have turned bad.

The key reason for bananas going bad even after being frozen is that they have not been frozen correctly or frozen when they were not fresh.

It is best to discard a banana that is not smelling right as eating them can cause stomach trouble and other health issues.

What’s the Best Way to Freeze Bananas?

There are various ways you can freeze bananas.

How to Freeze Bananas?

How to Freeze Bananas?

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

This hassle-free super quick method is best if you are in a hurry or plan to use the frozen bananas for baking.


  • Bananas


  • Ziploc Bags


    Pack and Seal: Place the bananas in a Ziploc bag and seal them, after squeezing out all the excess air.

    Label and Freeze: Add a label with the best-before date, and you are good to go.

    If you would like to see a tutorial, here is one by “Ashely the Recipe Rebel” on YouTube -

For other methods and precautions check out our detailed guide in freezing bananas here >

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Can you Freeze Bananas with the Peel On?

Yes, you can freeze bananas with peel on (or off). It just depends upon your convenience and what end use you have in mind.

Can You Freeze Bananas in a Ziploc Bag? Is it safe?

Yes, you can use Ziploc bags to freeze bananas. In fact, they are one of the most convenient ways to freeze them.

Final Words

I hope this guide helped you decide on how long you can safely freeze bananas.

All fruits are best consumed fresh, but in case you have to freeze bananas, best to consume them within 2-3 months.

Do share your experience of freezing bananas with us!

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